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Film Sketchr has posted some wonderfully illustrated concept art that artist Jeff Julian designed for Bryan Singer's rather dull take on the Man of Steel, Superman Returns. Check it out.
Of all the complaints made about Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, it's rare that you ever see anyone criticising Kevin Spacey's take on Lex Luthor. Now, the House of Cards star shares his thoughts on Jesse Eisenberg taking on the role in Batman Vs. Superman!
Hey, Brainiac didn't appear in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns (2006). True, but these two pieces of concept art for Superman's super-intelligent computer android nemesis say otherwise.
The Lois Lane of Superman Returns talks about whether or not she wanted to do another Superman film, while also expressing her excitement for Zack Snyder's take and praising Amy Adams.
IndieWire has released a video essay that intelligently analyzes the much-maligned 2006 film in a positive light. What do you think?
This is my take on Brandon Routh's Superman and Chris O'donnel's Robin. Yet again, another article open for discussion.
So I just finished watching Superman Returns for the first time in about a year and does it deserve all the hate it gets? Or is just a misunderstood film with fanboys? Hit the jump to find out!
Here is "My Take" on Routh's recent comments on putting on the tights once again.
Martha Kent is back!!!
The new Superman is big on electronic gaming ...and has been since the days of the 1st Nintendo!
Warner Brothers home video "Superman Returns", took over the # 1 spot on national DVD sales and rental charts.
Papa John's Pizza and Warner Bros. are teaming up this holiday season to offer customers an exclusive deal on the Superman Returns DVD...
Buy the Superman Returns DVD on the 28th and get the cheat code to play as another character!
Check out upcoming Superman Return dvd video clips.
The dvd will be released November 28, 2006.
Here's spoilerish details of this winter's gathering of DC super-heroes on the CW.
New clips and designs of the cut "Return to Krypton" sequence from the movie!
The film has grossed $390 Million worldwide.
Complete Missions as Superman in the Multi-Dimensional 80 square miles of Metropolis !
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