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CaptainPresley - 3/11/2013, 8:24 AM
Loved it! Raimi did good.
TREE24K - 3/11/2013, 8:27 AM
Franco and Mila were completely miscast. Would have been a lot better with two different actors. I just didn't buy either of them and I like both actors. Just not is these roles. Visually and stylistically it was a lot of fun though.
scruffylookingnerfherder - 3/11/2013, 8:37 AM
I'm not a big Franco fan, but I feel as though he did a very good job as Oz.
nonserviam - 3/11/2013, 8:57 AM
I'd put money on it that the 1s that hated it didn't even see it.

That being said I enjoyed it. There were a couple of weak points, but all in all it was worth the price of the iMax admission. My wife is a die hard Wizard of Oz fan and she loved it, so it gets an A in my books.
mattbo - 3/11/2013, 9:30 AM
Looked amazing and the 3D was awesome...Mila Kunis, not so much post transformation. and the laugh they gave her made me cringe a little. Was ok but not worth buying when it comes out on blu ray
DrRockso - 3/11/2013, 10:00 AM
I thought Mila did her best. The look just wasn't quite there.
AnungUnRama - 3/11/2013, 10:22 AM
Loved it. Best life action 3D since Avatar, maybe even better.
marvelmaniaco - 3/11/2013, 10:33 AM
I loved it was a fun film with strong performances and characters that you end up loving
ScionStorm - 3/11/2013, 10:58 AM
It was like watching a made-for-tv movie with the effects budget of a big theatrical release. The characters were caricatures. Cartoony. The dialogue was less than spectacular and just aweful in places.

I only ever cared about one character and that was the China Girl.

And at several points I found myself completely ignoring the dialogue and actions of the characters in the foreground in order to experience the landscape and backgrounds more. Pretty bad when the story is so weak and the visuals are so spectacular that they actually become a pleasurable distraction.
Brady1138 - 3/11/2013, 11:44 AM
Some of the most wooden acting I've seen in years. Pretty big letdown, even for my low expectations.
ninzen - 3/11/2013, 12:44 PM
I enjoyed the movie, as a whole, however I did have some issues with it.

James Franco, seriously, what the heck? While I get that he had to play a schemer / con artist, what's up with those facial expressions. There was one smile that made me think he could have been the Joker out of TDK, without makeup!

The movie tended to drag in places. One of the things that didn't help was how much they tended to drag out some 3D visuals for that sake of saying "Hey, check out this 3D effect! Isn't it awesome?" The pacing was already strained and pandering to highlight 3D effects didn't help at all.

I though Mila's performance was rather wooden until her transformation. However, afterward I was very happy. Definitely made me think of the original.

Overall I give it a 7 out of 10. Worth seeing, but not for repeat viewing.
jparr2 - 3/11/2013, 1:50 PM
I thought it was a good prequel. Mila Kunis, who is supposed to be the Wicked Witch (of the West?) comes off as completely fake during the whole movie... The Wicked Witch of the East was a better character.. I think the little porcelain doll and the monkey-Braff steal the entire movie.. Overall great movie... and Franco actually did a good job as young Oz.. a sleazeball with a heart...
ChicagoNick - 3/12/2013, 4:56 AM
I really, really don't like James Franco. He always takes me out of the movie. It just feels like James Franco playing James Franco.

The ceramic girl was probably my favorite character. Literally the only time I cracked a smile the entire film.
relentless1 - 3/13/2013, 2:20 AM
i thought it was alright, i didnt mind franco but i thought mila post transformation was very cringeworthy, the make up was bad (shitty painted on eyebrows) and it looked as if her face was swollen or something, also has some problems with the pacing, feeling as if some parts were rushed but i really enjoyed how it tied into the original, one of my childhood favs, i give it a solid 7/10
iamagod81 - 3/17/2013, 12:37 PM
it wasnt as good as the original but it wasnt bad explianed everything how it should

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