The Greatest American Hero

The Greatest American Hero The Greatest American Hero is an comedy-drama television series that aired for three seasons from 1981 to 1983 on ABC. Created by producer Stephen J. Cannell, it premiered as a two-hour movie pilot on March 18, 1981. The series stars William Katt as teacher Ralph Hinkley, Robert Culp as FBI Agent Bill Maxwell, and Connie Sellecca as lawyer Pam Davidson. The show chronicles Ralph's adventures after a group of aliens gives him a red suit that gives him superhuman abilities. Unfortunately, Ralph, who hates wearing the suit, immediately loses its instruction booklet, and thus has to learn how to use his powers by trial and error, often with comical results. The series was made into an on going comic book series published by Arcana.
For those of us old enough to remember The Greatest American Hero, this July 4th will offer the opportunity to revisit our childhood.
Greatest American Hero co-star passes away at the age of 79.
Early '80's show now available to be seen free on Hulu.
In an interview with MTV, the man who should have been Hal Jordan talks about his desire to star in the old TV show remake as well as comparing it with his own cancelled far-too-soon show, Firefly...
Remember this show? A lot of you will not have been alive when it originally aired, but I'm sure you will have heard of it. Serenity's Nathan Fillion has expressed interest in a remake.
Our Aussie friends at learned that actor Will Gluck was chosen and ready to play the new Ralph Hinckley, and almost slipped on the super suit until the project was put on hold...
We reported earlier in the year that it was planned, but now there is confirmation from the show's creator that a GAH movie is scripted and a director hired.