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AMC's Fear The Walking Dead aired its second episode last night, and viewers were treated to an all-new promo for The Walking Dead's sixth season! Click the jump to see for yourself! - Gutspinner
EW recently found out that AMC has a The Walking Dead standalone special in the works, and that it will introduce a character who'll go on to appear in the second season of the new companion series, Fear The Walking Dead. Click the jump for details! - Gutspinner
There's simply no stopping The Walking Dead machine! Sunday's premiere of its AMC 'companion series' debuted to staggering viewership numbers, making it the biggest cable television premiere of all time. After conquering comics and TV, a Walking Dead movie is next, right? - MarkJulian
AMC's newest TV prequel is one that fans were NOT asking for. FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, the prequel to the number one show on basic cable, THE WALKING DEAD. After much speculation on how well the show will live up to its big brother, yesterday saw the premier episode. How well did the show do exactly? - MisterHolmes
Following last night's Fear The Walking Dead premiere, an awesome new promo for the sixth season of its sister show aired. We also have our first clip, featuring a tense car ride with Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). Take a look... - RorMachine
AMC has released the extended opening scene of the upcoming The Walking Dead spin-off, featuring the first (that we witness anyway) Walker attack of the zombie apocalypse. And all poor Nick (Frank Dillane) wanted to do was go to an old church and get high with his pals... - RorMachine
Los Angeles burns in a new teaser for AMC's The Walking Dead companion series, Fear The Walking Dead. While there's no new footage, this creative time-lapse video should be enough to whet your appetite until the spin-off premieres in just under three weeks time! - Minty
Regardless of your feelings about The Walking Dead, they never fail to come up with some amazingly gruesome and disgusting zombies for Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors to face off against! Hit the jump to check out what you should expect from season six this October... - JoshWilding
We still haven't seen the first episode of Fear The Walking Dead, but the producers are already looking ahead to Season 2! Set to have an increased number of episodes, it looks like there's plenty of zombie-inflicted paranoia and chaos to come from the spin-off! - Minty
Even if you get fed up with some of The Walking Dead's deviations from the comics or the slower episodes which focus more on character drama than zombies, the stunning Lauren Cohan is always a good excuse to watch the show. So, check out this very racy new photoshoot... - JoshWilding
Entertainment Weekly's new cover features Andrew Lincoln as Rick, Norman Reedus as Daryl, and Melissa McBride as Carol with a cookie in one hand and her knife in the other. There's also another pic which sees the boys get pretty close indeed... - RorMachine
AMC has released (via Bloody Disgusting) a massive batch of stills from their upcoming The Walking Dead spin-off, giving us first looks at some new main characters. There's also a full synopsis, which provides a much better idea of what we can expect from the plot... - RorMachine
Several sites have debuted some brand new promotional images from AMC's upcoming The Walking Dead spin-off show. In addition to providing a fresh look at the core family, we also meet Elizabeth Rodriguez (Orange is the New Black) as Liza Ortiz... - RorMachine
What was the best? What was the worst..umm of the best? Take a look in my top 5 list! - ClumsyToaster
By now, you've probably watched the epic new trailer for The Walking Dead's sixth season, but after a lot of teasers, we finally have the first full-length preview for upcoming companion series Fear The Walking Dead. How did the zombie apocalypse begin? Find out here... - JoshWilding
Is Rick Grimes about to become The Walking Dead's big bad? Well, ahead of the show's 90 minute premiere on October 11th, the first trailer for the hit AMC drama features Morgan and the rest of Alexandria plotting to end the Ricktatorship. That's right, it's baaaack! - JoshWilding
AMC has released 3 short promos for their upcoming The Walking Dead spin-off, giving us our first proper glimpse of the initial wave of Walkers as they shuffle towards their intended victims in the "Pool, "Neighbourhood", and "Skate Park." Click on to take a look... - RorMachine
If you thought Rick and his people were safe inside the walls of Alexandria, think again! These first images from the upcoming sixth season of AMC's The Walking Dead feature Glenn (Steven Yeun), Maggie (Lauren Cohan), and Daryl (Norman Reedus) with weapons at the ready... - RorMachine
No, it's probably not a family-friendly show, but Fear The Walking Dead will apparently include plenty of family drama - according to showrunner Dave Erickson. Check out his comments about the Walking Dead companion show here, along with three new images. - Minty
AMC has released a brief new TV ad for their upcoming The Walking Dead spin-off, which might just feature our first glimpse of a Walker. There's also some clever new San Diego Comic Con key art. Fear The Walking Dead stars Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis, and is set to premiere this August. - RorMachine
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