Thor is winning the Battle With Captain America overseas!

Thor is winning the Battle With Captain America overseas!

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Domestically and overseas it has been a hard fought battle . Thor and Captain America have been neck and neck, day after day. Taking in Thors totals at the same time, Thor lead every weekend and then Captain America plods along with higher totals through the weekdays to pass the thunder god. As of this Sunday with 17 days under their belts both movies stood at:
Thor- $145,361,459 Captain America- $143,203,967

It is almost as if Cap and Thor have the exact same audience and it will come down to which viewers went back the most times for extra viewings as to who will win.

So it falls to the foreign markets that opening weekend totals for both films are available for to decide the winner.

Country__________Thor____________Captain America
Argentina-------- .7 million-----1.6 million
Austrailia-------5.7 million-----5.0 million
Bolivia---------- nil------------ .1 million
Brazil-----------5.2 million-----6.8 million
Bulgaria--------- .1 million----- nil
Colombia--------- .9 million-----1.1 million
Croatia---------- .1 million----- nil
Ecuador---------- .3 million----- .5 million
Hong Kong--------1.0 million-----1.2 million
Italy------------4.1 million-----2.8 million
Malaysia---------1.4 million-----1.5 million
Mexico-----------7.2 million-----8.0 million
New Zealand------ .6 million----- .7 million
Peru------------- .6 million-----1.1 million
Philippines------1.3 million-----2.1 million
Singapore--------1.7 million-----1.6 million
South Korea------5.1 million-----2.0 million
Spain------------5.5 million-----2.5 million
Taiwan-----------1.5 million-----1.2 million
Thailand--------- .9 million-----1.1 million
United Kingdom---9.1 million-----4.8 million
Foreign totals---62.1 million----55.5 million

Combined totals--207.4 million---198.7 million
(as of 17 days domestic and common openings overseas)

Keep in mind Captain America COULD come back to win out. It is very close and is fun to check out who is leading but
******SPOILER ALERT****************
In the end all indications are Thor will be just above Cap in totals.

Hope you have enjoyed the breakdown even if you disagree who comes out on top.

Oh, I have a quick question. At the end of Captain America the Cosmic Cube falls away and the Red Skull is dispatched and Cap is alone in the plane and ditches it in the ice. Why?
In the comics it is a missle and will explode and destroy a city etc etc... But a plane? Why not parachute out or use one of the left over missle/planes once it is in a dive. It is as if he has to crash just to be frozen. And when it crashes it does not explode. So why not find a parachute? I noticed this the second time I watched it and it just kinda bugs me. Still love the movie just thought with the comic knowledge available on here you guys might have caught something I missed.
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Spidey91 - 8/8/2011, 10:31 PM
who cares? both are MARVEL,both are awesome,end of story :)
BooYah - 8/8/2011, 11:30 PM
A Marvel vs Marvel article? Are you trying to start a Civi War?
BooYah - 8/8/2011, 11:39 PM
Ashdm - 8/9/2011, 4:18 AM
@Bodwulf, Cap cpuldn't just parachute because the plane was locked on autopilot to hit new york and drop it's missiles there. Cap had to stop the plane from killing thousands, and the only way he could do that was to bring the plane down away from civilisation, thats why he crashed it in the arctic.
Ashdm - 8/9/2011, 4:18 AM
@Bodwulf, Cap cpuldn't just parachute because the plane was locked on autopilot to hit new york and drop it's missiles there. Cap had to stop the plane from killing thousands, and the only way he could do that was to bring the plane down away from civilisation, thats why he crashed it in the arctic.
ScionStorm - 8/9/2011, 4:36 AM
^That is what happens when they don't train you how to reset futuristic autopiloted planes in WW2.

And I don't know about comparing the overseas figures. I mean, Cap isn't actually released everywhere yet overseas.
Chewtoy - 8/9/2011, 4:39 AM
I gave my answer to the Cap question in the other thread, but basically if the plane was flying stably enough for him to head back to the bomb bay and dive or fly out, then there was the chance that it wouldn't go down before reaching civilization, whereas a plane in freefall (especially one of that size) would have been nearly impossible to navigate with the shifting G-forces.

Action films often run into problems like this, where when they suddenly have the characters face realistic limitations the audience wonders why they aren't doing some impossible stunt to escape instead, because we all know that if the script had intended for them to survive then they could have pulled such a stunt off.
djohnpi - 8/9/2011, 7:01 AM
Hey thats good right cause both are Marvel.
KungFuKoala - 8/9/2011, 8:17 AM
Cap could have set the plane on the course he sent it and taken his chances parachuting out of there. Anyway, if he can turn off the auto pilot and fly it into the ocean, he could have flown it anywhere.
HelaGood - 8/9/2011, 8:54 AM
no surprise here...
hueyfreeman - 8/9/2011, 9:06 AM
Well duh... everyone hates america.
THORION76 - 8/9/2011, 9:47 AM
That's the part of the movie i don't like. What they should have donre was have Peggy get Stark on the line and have him try to talk Cap through the process of getting control of the plane, but they can't figure out how to do it. So Stark say's to Cap the only way he can stop it is by detroying the control's and then destroying the plane. Oh and of course Cap would have to disable the rest of the bomb's.
Bodwulf - 8/9/2011, 10:30 AM
@all thanks for your answers I did not know there were bombs as well I thought it was the plane/missles only. The plane was huge and must have had other weapons not seen. That helps. It is not that big of a plot hole as Cap was so willing to protect others (as with the gernade) he just would not chance it reaching America. Thanks again
ICStoopedPeople - 8/10/2011, 7:35 PM
I'm honestly a little surprised it made ANYTHING. I was quite certain it'd do decently in the US and be an absolute bomb internationally, but I'm assuming those numbers are decent if it's not too far behind Thor (which made a decent amount).
TheOverlord - 8/14/2011, 11:17 AM
Keep in mind also that Cap is doing almost as well as Thor domestically despite far less of its revenues coming from 3D. (That's partly because of more 3D competition right now and partly because if 3D fatigue - 3D numbers are dwindling as people realize it's not worth the added expense.) Overall, more people are seeing Cap than saw Thor. But both did/are doing extremely well. Bring on more Marvel Studios films!
SuperSoldier1 - 8/17/2011, 9:11 AM
well Thor is a better movie
xbigvmanx - 8/19/2011, 8:35 PM
Its a disgrace that Captain America movie didn't do as well as Harry Pooter. I mean what the h---?? You guys let a fr--- red coat movie defeat Captain America??

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