VENOM Movie Back On At Sony; Will Be Unrelated To Marvel's New SPIDER-MAN

VENOM Movie Back On At Sony; Will Be Unrelated To Marvel's New SPIDER-MAN

If you thought Sony would abandon all of their Spidey-related projects once Marvel gained the rights to the Webhead, think again! It seems the Venom movie is still a go, with a brand new writer on board.

According to THR, Sony plans to move forward with that standalone Venom movie that was in development before the studio made their deal with Marvel to share the rights to Spider-Man.

Back then in was envisioned as a spin-off that would be set in the same continuity as the now defunct Amazing Spider-Man franchise, but word is it will now stand "apart from and unrelated to" the reboot that's in the works with Tom Holland reprising his Captain America: Civil War Peter Parker role.

Edge of Tomorrow screenwriter Dante Harper is on board to pen the script, with Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach producing and overseeing the project.
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THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 3/4/2016, 2:21 PM
PHOENIXTAYLOR - 3/4/2016, 2:46 PM
Right. Sony hasn't learned shit
nightman - 3/4/2016, 3:01 PM


could be good

could happen

never know

ECH0SE7EN - 3/4/2016, 3:16 PM
@THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - I agree. And though I never really thought that superhero movie fatigue would be a thing, movie news like this is starting to convince me otherwise.
LEVITIKUZ - 3/4/2016, 3:18 PM
@THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - Genius actually.

No Venom in the MCU. No Eddie Brock in the MCU.

It's Christmas for me boys. I hate Sony but I must say.

ECH0SE7EN - 3/4/2016, 3:20 PM
@LEVITIKUZ - Haha! That's a great way to look at it actually. You, sir or madam, are a positive thinker. PMA for life.
Scuzz - 3/4/2016, 4:09 PM
@LEVITIKUZ - I don't get why that's a good thing? You hate Venom or the MCU?
LEVITIKUZ - 3/4/2016, 4:13 PM

Now I won't lie, I [frick]ing love Flash Venom. What a cool idea for a character and concept Marvel. Really like everything about that.

But I HATE EDDIE VENOM. What a shitty character. Badass design but shitty villain.

And to make him an anti-hero? Yea let's make the roided out Xenomorph looking mutha[frick]er an anti-hero. GENIUS!
Luminus - 3/4/2016, 10:16 PM
@THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - Here comes another Fan4stic. I hope it bankrupts that company.
Gruff - 3/6/2016, 1:42 AM
@PHOENIXTAYLOR - Sony are probably gonna try and make Venom their "Deadpool".
Ramiel - 3/4/2016, 2:21 PM
Sayeth what?
TheBritAvenger - 3/5/2016, 3:48 AM
@Ramiel - Needs the gif.

BatmanHeisenberg - 3/4/2016, 2:22 PM
This sounds more disgusting than @McGee's back acne.
Kratos6 - 3/4/2016, 2:41 PM
@BatmanHeisenberg - He refers to them as his love bumps sir.
nightman - 3/4/2016, 3:02 PM
@BatmanHeisenberg -

Sounds less disgusting than the running gags in the comments section, tbh.

kinghulk - 3/4/2016, 2:22 PM
WTF????? im calling fake
nightman - 3/4/2016, 3:18 PM
@kinghulk -

I'm hoping it's true, personally. Just imagine all the population control that first trailer will bring on this site alone.

DrDoom - 3/4/2016, 2:22 PM
First reaction: What

Second reaction: It won't happen
Omarvls - 3/4/2016, 2:22 PM

So a Venom movie to launch its own franchise not related to Spider-Man?

THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 3/4/2016, 2:22 PM
Fox fails sometimes but they can also bring out some quality shit.
Sony hasn't made anything good since 2004.
Coleco84 - 3/4/2016, 2:29 PM
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 3/4/2016, 2:49 PM
@Rukawa1984 - You liked Spidey 3? It had its moments I'll give it that.
Coleco84 - 3/4/2016, 2:53 PM
@THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - I did, is miles better than the Amazing films. Sure, is just "ok" while the first two are CLASSICS, but it was..."decent".
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 3/4/2016, 2:55 PM
@Rukawa1984 - This scene alone was better than TASM movies lol

Coleco84 - 3/4/2016, 3:07 PM
@THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - Dont forget Sandman's birth.
Luminus - 3/4/2016, 10:29 PM
@THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - @Rukawa1984

This scene was better than TASM movies!

Juicy321321 - 3/4/2016, 2:22 PM
nightman - 3/4/2016, 2:59 PM
@Juicy321321 -

DutchRudderLovr - 3/4/2016, 2:22 PM
Why make "black colored" spiderman if he is not In the same universe? It will confuse audiences, right?
nightman - 3/4/2016, 2:58 PM
@DutchRudderLovr -

> black colored


DutchRudderLovr - 3/4/2016, 4:53 PM
@nightman - lol there was no other way to put it so I just let the potential joke stay.
Platinum - 3/4/2016, 2:23 PM
Ugh, not this shit again.
DrDoom - 3/4/2016, 2:23 PM
The shareholders won't sign on for a project with no interconnectivity. Everyone has too much invested in cinematic universes.
Spock0Clock - 3/4/2016, 2:26 PM
@DrDoom -

Cinematic Universes are so 2014, Doom. Now everybody's all about R-rated movies!

DrDoom - 3/4/2016, 2:27 PM
@Spock0Clock - looooool
Sadiki - 3/4/2016, 2:32 PM
@Spock0Clock - True. R-Rated venom movie incoming. Definitely gonna be Agent Venom too
TheBritAvenger - 3/5/2016, 3:50 AM
@DrDoom - I like the idea of a Venom movie, but why the hell would they disconnect it from the MCU? It's aleady confusing enough for the general audience to keep track of who's who, especially with 3 Spider-Men in under 10 years, so why make it even more confusing by giving this one character his entire own universe?
And his own Spidey (with a new actor), because you know he'll be in it somehow.
airbeyonder18 - 3/4/2016, 2:23 PM
I see where the studio is coming from but it's an unwise decision to keep Venom and Spidey separate.
DrLight - 3/4/2016, 2:50 PM
@airbeyonder18 -

What do you expect from the people behind Sam Raimi's awful trilogy and The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Sony's sins are akin to being a serial killer at this point.
LordDaredevil - 3/4/2016, 5:14 PM
@DrLight - "Awful trilogy"
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