VENOM News.... Stan The Man Appearance!

VENOM News.... Stan The Man Appearance!

It would seem Stan Lee has yet another cameo Marvel role in the spin off movie Venom. Read it here...

It's a foregone conclusion that Marvel's former president and chairman Stan Lee will have a cameo in every single movie based on a Marvel Comics character!

Zombieland creators Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are the ones that are working on the Venom script. This might thrill Marvel fans or not as they admitted that Stan Lee will appear in the Venom movie and that they have even already written his character part for him!

LEEE777 - Well i personally don't like this idea myself as seeing him in too many cameo's in Marvel movies takes a little bit of the movie away! i mean all the power to the guy, he's Stan The Man but its getting a little too much. What do you guys think?

Still its good that we have any news about the Venom spin off, i cant wait, now if only SONY can make it really dark and maybe even spin a CARNAGE R-Rated out of this, now that would be something! ; )

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LEEE777 - 7/3/2009, 11:40 AM
; )
answer - 7/3/2009, 11:45 AM
Maybe Stan will become Carnage? ;)
LEEE777 - 7/3/2009, 11:53 AM

You always have the answer! ; D
JoshWilding - 7/3/2009, 12:07 PM
are you serious LEE? whats the problem with Stan being in the movies? its not like he has large speaking parts just small one line appearences that are great easter eggs for the fans! remember, without stan we wouldnt have 99% of these characters-the guy deserves a small cameo in thse films!
alten2345 - 7/3/2009, 12:25 PM
They really don't overexpose him in these movies so I don't see why it's a problem. And it was genius to have him playing/be mistaken for Hugh Hefner in Iron Man as well as playing Larry King (if there's any truth to the rumor) in Iron Man 2.
Joker1zero - 7/3/2009, 12:30 PM
I don't mind his appearances at all. He created all them, let him appear where he wants. Although, the only cameo I had a problem with was Spiderman 3. That movie sucked sooo much. And Stan Lee just walks up to Spiderman and says something like "I guess everyone needs a hero to look up to...*shrugs* Nuff said" and then walks away. That was soooo random.
LEEE777 - 7/3/2009, 12:31 PM
JOSH @ I can see you just attacking me on every post lol! : D

I like Stan! ; )
LEEE777 - 7/3/2009, 12:51 PM

; )
Shaman - 7/3/2009, 1:18 PM
I personaly am tired of his cameos. I understand why he has'em but eventually it does get old. I don't mind them much and can ignore most of them but if someone were to ask my opinion on the matter, he should retire and live the life.

LEEE- Knepper would be a great Carnage. Not to mention more fitting in a venom spin-off than in a Spidey movie. I know i'm a bit blasphemous here but i dunno, i could do without Spidey for Carnage. As long as Venom's the Hero.

I should be putting my next Sketchcast early next week. It will be who i think is the best villain for the fourth film :))
LEEE777 - 7/3/2009, 1:34 PM
SHAMAN @ That's what ive been saying dude! We deff don't need SPIDEY if we want the real CARNAGE! He could be as big as FREDDY and JASON on the big screen! An hopefully he is in VENOM and better still even if VENOM isn't R-Rated which i doubt it will be, they could spin CARNAGE off in his own movie an make hard-core CARNAGE the way he's supposed to be! He'd be so far away from SPIDER-MAN by then it could easily work! ; )

Hey cant wait SHAMAN, what do you think if they use RHINO right at the start of SPIDEY 4? Just for a 5 minute intro battle so we get straight into the action, so ppl know things an years have moved on from SPIDEY 3! Of course RHINO would only have that cameo and not appear again in the movie! Im thinking THE LIZARD needs his due, but there's so many great SPIDEY villains??
Shaman - 7/3/2009, 1:59 PM
True that LEEE!!!

I say keep Papajohn the [frick] away from Spidey 4 to start with!!! I say Rhino as well as Shocker could make great intro villains. But i won't comment on the main villain LOL I'll keep the excitement going till i post up my sketch :P
JoshWilding - 7/3/2009, 2:09 PM
LEE: im going to break your spirit until you finally accept Ackles as Cap, lol! ;) As long as his cameos are done well then its ok but i agree with Joker1Zero, ones like in Spider-Man 3 were just forced and lame!

As i said somewhere else-Scorpion should be the main villain in Spidey 4 and as MacGargan was a PI before becoming the Scorpion he should visit Papajohns character in jail as in the comics he was hired to find out Spidey's identity o this would make perfect sense!

Oh and as I said in my Spidey fancast -

Spider-Man 4

Venom Movie (with Carnage)

LEEE777 - 7/3/2009, 2:49 PM
Anil @ How can they do a CARNAGE without VENOM????

SHAMAN @ ; )

JOSH @ Nice! Though i don't like VENOM anyhow if they have KNEPPER for CARNAGE it'll be too much PRISON BREAK an ppl will think that! Anyway the guy played DRAC in BLADE!

Oh yeah i don't want what his name from SPIDEY 3 as VENOM either! Brocks gotta be big! ; D

P.s. Hey ain't that guy ANGEL from X3 as ELECTRO??
alten2345 - 7/3/2009, 3:01 PM

Yeah that's Angel. He also played Dave, the guy with all the piercings, in The Punisher (2004).
JoshWilding - 7/3/2009, 3:23 PM
LEE: yeah, i actually didnt realise that until you said-two Prison Break actors working together might not work but they would have good chemistry on screen! Yeah, that is Ben Foster as well as the movies alten mentions, he has also been in My Name is Earl, 30 Days of Night and 3:10 to Yuma-he is a brilliant actor and perfect for Electro!!
mounted88 - 7/3/2009, 4:27 PM
Venom is the shhhhhh!!!!
mounted88 - 7/3/2009, 4:28 PM
Any one play the web of shadows game...venom was the bomb in it. Also it had a good story line. I wish that story line was the spider man 3 movie line.
VenomIsOnMyRibs - 7/3/2009, 6:31 PM
joshw24, gotta say man awesome casting for all those parts!

A big Carnage vs. Venom battle would be the shit! Then bring the conflict into Spider-man later.
Osiris - 7/3/2009, 8:32 PM
That is an awesome pic of Venom mounted, it now my new desktop.

I think a Venom movie is needed if they are going to do the character any justice. the film can show how Eddy reacquires the symbiote after Spidey believes that he killed it and Eddy, and then maybe in Spidey 5 he can show back up and we can get the real Spidey vs Venom battle we all wanted in the 3rd film.

Also I want a recasting of Eddy, I think Josh has a good choice going there, as long as they explain why he is so much buffer now then he was in Spidey 3, also they need to reference or at least show Spidey once in the film, Eddy can be following him around and find out that there is still a piece of the symbiote in Conners lab and then presto new Venom, and hopefully this time more accurate to the comic version of his suit.
mounted88 - 7/3/2009, 9:15 PM
Well for those of you that havent played the web of shadows game here is what wolverine looks like when the symbiate got a hold of him.
mounted88 - 7/3/2009, 9:30 PM
Osiris@ here is the pic with some changes i made which one you like more.
JoshWilding - 7/4/2009, 5:38 AM
Web of Shadows was one of the worst games I have ever played! The voice ating was awful, the story was stupid and the gameplay was repetitive and all round appalling.

Osiris: I guess one way could be to say that he is Eddies father (as in Spidey 3 he calls himself Jnr) and whereas in the comic books Eddie went after Spidey in revenge for him ruining an exposing a the fact Brock had written a false newspaper article it could instead have the movie version going after Spider-Man in revenge for his son being killed. I think before this happens though, i would prefer to see other villains and maybe save this for Spider-Man 7 or 8, lol!
dellamorte1872 - 7/4/2009, 7:14 AM
the argument yall got is pointless b/c the symbiote can't live without a human host. it wouldnt be alive, all closed off from things to feed off of to prolong its own existence. RAIMI painted that character into a corner with S3
LEEE777 - 7/4/2009, 7:50 AM
OMG alten @ I never realised DAVE and ANGEL was the same actor, your very good man! How the frig' did i not notice that one lol! ; D

Nice VENOM pics guys! Very cool!!!

JOSH @ you dont like THE WEB OF SHADOWS game dude???? I luv that game! ; )

I take it you hav'nt played many games lol!

Yeah nice casting though!

Damn i want a HITMAN 2 movie heh heh!
JoshWilding - 7/4/2009, 8:11 AM
LEE: are you freakin insane?!? how can you love that steaming pile of crap!?! How many games have you played man? Tell ya what go buy Bioshock, Call of Duty 4, Dead Space, GTA IV, Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, MGS4, Mirrors Edge, Prince of Persia, Resistance 2, Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Tomb Raider Underworld, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 and Uncharted Drakes Fortune -thats about half of my best games all of which are 100, 000 times better than Web of Shadows!!!

Im not even going to bother listing all the things wrong with the game (though the fact that Spider-Man sounded like a 13 year old whos voice hadnt broken was one of THE worst parts)

CaptainFalken - 7/4/2009, 8:23 AM
I don't think it's too much. I love seeing Stan in the films because it's just nice to see him so involved with his work even to this day. I look for him, actually. It just makes me smile whenever I see him pop up in the Marvel films. Iron Man cameo stil my fav so far. Absolutely made me crack up.
JoshWilding - 7/4/2009, 8:42 AM
SirPrize: have you seen the trailers/pics of Bioshock 2 - itlooks even better than the first one (if thats possible) theres also a rumour going about that Wentworth Miller will be voice acting in the game or actually starring in a Bioshock movie!

LEE: forgot to say-if you want a decent superhero game then buy Infamous or even X-Men Origins: Wolverine!
WeaponX - 7/4/2009, 8:43 AM
I thought Stan would only show up in films featuring characters he had something to do with. I don't recall him having anything to do with Venom.

I like Stan showing up in cameos, it adds some levity and a bit of a nod to the comic geeks. But what I tend to roll my eyes at is him having large speaking roles. Being a hotdog vender in X-Men, pulling a kid out of the way in Spider-Man and being halted from walking in front of a bus in Daredevil were all good uses of Stan Lee. I wasn't too crazy with his Spider-Man 3 thing that was a bit too much. Also not big on the times when there is too much focus on him. Like in The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, FF Rise of the Silver Surfer and Iron Man. I'd rather he just pop-up like he did in the beginning of the Marvel movies and leave it to us comic geeks to point him out and laugh. But that's me.
mounted88 - 7/4/2009, 8:47 AM
Josh@ you said gta IV is 100,000 times better. Its the same type of game just different people in it.
LEEE777 - 7/4/2009, 8:47 AM
Cool news on BIO SHOCK movie!

JOSH @ Ive played some of dem games cool games, but i still like WEB OF SHADOWS man!

I'll check out WOLVERINE, gotta be better than the flick lol! ; D

Infamous??? Never heard of it dude? I'll check it out!

Love the CARNAGE pic @ MOUNTED @!!!
mounted88 - 7/4/2009, 9:03 AM
Leee@ here ya go lol
mounted88 - 7/4/2009, 9:07 AM
JoshWilding - 7/4/2009, 9:07 AM
mounted88: are you for real? they arent even slightly the same-the only similarity is that they are both open world games! GTA IV has a better story, graphics, gameplay, voice acting, music-uh, everything!! You cannot compare Web of Shadows to GTA, thats like comparing the Elektra movie to Watchmen!!

LEE: thats cool, it wasnt ALL bad, just 99% of it for me anyway, lol! The Wolverine game is great fun with some great things that if they had been in the movie, even you would have liked it, hehe (Sentinals!!!) Infamous is an open world game where you play as a guy with Electro type powers-the story is amazing with plot twists good enough to rival Prison Break! You get choices whether to be good or evil and its worth playing it twice really as the good and evil stories are completely different (with different powers and cutscenes) its so good that I actually made the effort to get ALL the trophies so it gave me my first platinum! Heres some pics of the game-

GUNSMITH - 7/4/2009, 9:50 AM
LancerEvo - 7/4/2009, 9:53 AM
@ Josh is Infamous an exclusive game? I mean, can it be played on PC/Xbox 360 as well? I thought I heard it was only a PS3 game :(

And wow, that pic of Wolvie in symbiote mode looks pimp. I really gotta pick up Web of Shadows...
shibazz - 7/4/2009, 9:59 AM
Stan Lee should be in every movie made that is a comic book movie.... i dont care if it is a DC or Marvel movie. I love his cameos. The one in the Hulk was my favorite! Oh and to see him get saved by SpiderMan was flippin sweet too!
ThunderCougarFalconBird - 7/4/2009, 10:04 AM
joshw24 - Preach on brother! Amen! Infamous is awesome! May have to do an article on Infamous vs Prototype!

If anyone has a PS3 then get Infamous NOW! If you don't have a PS3 then get one then get Infamous! I don't care how, steal it, sell a kidney or small child! Just get it!
ThunderCougarFalconBird - 7/4/2009, 10:07 AM
As for the Stan cameo. I like them but they're getting too big! He should be like an easter egg for the eagle eyed viewer. Given the way his roles are growing and the way Venom has already been handled on screen, I wouldn't be surprised if Stan WAS Venom in this!
Cheesey1 - 7/4/2009, 10:17 AM
Stan's roles are cameos, IMO and I think the opinion of most people, in no way affect the story or tone of the films. I like that Stan is being shown respect by the writers and directors. Even if he didn't create characters like Venom or Carnage, they are drirectly related to Spidey. Nonetheless he is sort of the Marvel version of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Gates and Jobs didn't write every single code of software at Apple and Microsoft, but it's very debatable that those companies would be where they are today without those guys.
JoshWilding - 7/4/2009, 10:18 AM
Slayer420: sorry but Infamous is indeed a PS3 exlusive! And trust me Web of Shadows LOOKS good but thats about it-just google the title and read the reviews-you wont find a single good one! I would buy Prototype or X-Men Origins Wolverine instead!

Howlett04: Infamous was one of the best games ive ever played!! I thought Prototype was ok but nowhere near as good! It was made by the guys who made Hulk: Ultimate Destruction which i had on PS2 so i noticed as i was playing it that it was just that game with a different character and story-i felt like i had been there don it all before!!
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