Post-AVENGERS 4 Spoilers - Predicting The Fates Of Every Major Character Moving Into Marvel's Phase 4

Post-AVENGERS 4 Spoilers - Predicting The Fates Of Every Major Character Moving Into Marvel's Phase 4

Post-AVENGERS 4 <font color=red>Spoilers</font> - Predicting The Fates Of Every Major Character Moving Into Marvel's Phase 4

With Avengers 4 rapidly approaching, we're taking a look at what comes next for every major character moving into Phase 4 and exploring whether or not we should expect them to live, die, or be replaced...

Marvel Studios has decided to sit out this year's Comic-Con and that means we can forget about learning anything too significant about Avengers 4. While we will no doubt get a first look at the movie at some point in 2018, it's bound to be shrouded in secrecy and we're probably well over a year away from learning what Kevin Feige has planned for these beloved characters moving into Phase 4. 

However, looking at a combination of rumours, fan theories, and what we do actually know about what comes next, we've now compiled a list looking at what's in store for everyone moving forward.

From recasting to replacements, deaths, and disappearances, we think you'll find this interesting reading and would love to hear your own theories about what comes next. So, all you need to do is click on the "View List" button below for a better idea of what's going to become of your favourites moving into the next decade. Once you're done, share your thoughts in the comments section below.


The furore surrounding Hawkeye in the build-up to the release of Avengers: Infinity War proved what a popular character he is in the eyes of fans but that doesn't necessarily mean he's getting his own solo outing. Rumour has it that Marvel Studios is planning to shift the spotlight on to Kate Bishop, something which makes sense seeing as moviegoers are demanding more female-led movies.

It is, of course, possible that Clint Barton will also appear as her mentor and that actually seems far more likely than Jeremy Renner getting his own movie after The Bourne Legacy failed to take off.


Captain America

Chris Evans has made it clear that he's ready to move on from the role of Captain America and with Steve Rogers receiving only a relatively minor role in Avengers: Infinity War, it's clear that he'll get a lot more to do in the sequel. Unfortunately, there's a very strong chance that will include his death as it would make perfect sense for the star-spangled Avenger to make the ultimate sacrifice while trying to stop Thanos. Personally, I think that will come after he wields Thor's hammer/axe, Stormbreaker! 

Iron Man

Another character I'm betting won't make it out of Avengers 4 alive is Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr.'s tenure as Tony Stark is obviously nearing its end and while it's possible that he'll get a happy ending with Pepper Potts and their child, I think Iron Man will make the sacrifice he was willing to perform at the end of The Avengers when he flew into that wormhole carrying a nuclear bomb on his back.

As much as we'd all like to see Captain America deliver the killing blow to the Mad Titan, the importance Marvel has always put on making Iron Man the lead means he's a more likely candidate.



Had Avengers: Infinity War come out before Thor: Ragnarok, I would have been willing to bet that Chris Hemsworth's time as the God of Thunder was nearing its conclusion. The Taika Waititi helmed release essentially rebooted the character, though, and there's no way Marvel Studios isn't going to end up throwing money at the actor to stay on board and continue playing Thor for the foreseeable future. 

With that in mind, expect him to bring Asgard to Earth to make a fresh start at the end of Avengers 4



As of right now, the wall-crawler is dead. He turned to dust alongside a number of other characters at the end of Avengers: Infinity War but there's no way he's staying that way because he has a movie coming out next summer! It will be a huge challenge for Marvel and Sony to promote that without spoiling Avengers 4 and it's been confirmed that Peter Parker will be doing battle with Mysterio.

There's no way the high school student won't be feeling the effects of dying and with Aunt May now aware of his secret identity, Spider-Man's world will be almost unrecognisable so no wonder he decides to travel overseas presumably to get away from being Spidey for a while (good luck with that, Pete!).


The Hulk

Bruce Banner will finally be able to transform into The Hulk in Avengers 4 (how that comes about remains to be seen) but with the signs pointing to a more intelligent Hulk in the MCU from now on, what does that mean for the Jade Giant? Well, set photos may shed some light on plans for the hero. 

Mark Ruffalo has been spotted on set in a mo-cap costume carrying a bindle, so don't be surprised if the sequel wraps up with The Hulk basically deciding to go off on his own to "find himself." This leaves the door open to the hero returning down the line without forcing Marvel to decide when and where.


Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel's origin story will be tackled in a solo outing next March before she joins Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Avengers 4 to help take the fight to Thanos. What comes after that, though? Well, it's probably safe to assume she'll get a sequel but don't be surprised if she ends up leading the team. 

It would be a good role for her and if the Kree/Skrull War is coming to Earth (or even a Secret Invasion), I can't think of anyone better to help lead the team against that than Brie Larson's Carol Danvers.


Ant-Man And The Wasp

These two will star in their own movie a matter of weeks from now and that will obviously go some way in explaining their role in Avengers 4. Personally, I expect their franchise to continue well into Phase 4 (rather than The Wasp going off on her own) and wouldn't be remotely surprised for them to both finally become card-carrying members of The Avengers. Honestly, that's now long overdue.

Black Panther

Black Panther exceeded expectations both critically and commercially and T'Challa should be a focal point of Phase 4 even if his Avengers 4 role is a relatively minor one. Seeing as he died - again - the King will need to do a lot to restore order in Wakanda while also opening the country's doors to the outside world. That's bound to lead to a lot of new threats trying to invade his borders in the coming years.

My guess is that after Iron Man's demise, it will be Black Panther who bankrolls The Avengers and sets up a West Coast version of the team in California in order to give the iconic franchise a fresh start.



Gamora's death appeared to be a pretty definitive one after Thanos threw her from a cliff but we've already established that there's a strong chance she'll be resurrected courtesy of the Soul Stone. With that in mind, expect her to rejoin the team but to be changed somewhat by her brush with death. 

Any feelings she had for her father will be gone and it could be that Gamora will finally be ready to embrace her relationship with Star-Lord and give in to her kinder side. That, or she'll get darker!


The Guardians Of The Galaxy

Talking of the Guardians of the Galaxy, I've decided to group the rest of the team together here because while they'll no doubt have their own story arcs in James Gunn's Vol. 3, the filmmaker no doubt has even bigger plans for them as a group. That's going to revolve around them doing battle with Adam Warlock but comments from him point to the end of this trilogy being a major game changer. 

As a result, Vol. 4 (which could very well ditch that moniker for something different) is probably going to feature a different team or one which features a mixture of new and original characters. My guess is Star-Lord won't have much interest in returning to Earth so don't expect to see that post-Avengers 4.



While we're talking about all things cosmic, it's important to also mention the Mad Titan. Common sense says that he'll be killed off at the end of Avengers 4 but the fact he's more layered than your typical bad guy has to open the door, not to a redemption arc as such, but definitely the possibility of a powerless version of the character showing up elsewhere in the MCU or even plotting his revenge for a future movie. Time will tell on that front but my guess is that Thanos is going to live on...for now.

Nick Fury

Poor Nick Fury had literally seconds of screentime in Avengers: Infinity War before turning to dust and it now seems unlikely we'll see much of him in 2019 beyond a younger version in Captain Marvel.

After that, I'm not sure where he could factor into things. If Marvel Studios is plotting an adaptation of Secret Invasion or something similar, I think he'll be among the first casualties as it really doesn't feel like there's much left to do with the former S.H.I.E.L.D. Director so why not make his death count? 



With speculation running rampant that there's going to be a fairly significant time jump between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, Shuri suiting up as the Black Panther makes sense (even if she has to use technology to make that possible rather than the heart-shaped herbs Killmonger burned). 

When we pick up with her in Black Panther 2, it could be that she's struggling to return to the old status quo now her brother is back and that tension could be fun to explore. There's also a very strong chance that Shuri will become the brains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe if Tony Stark does die.


The Vision

As I've previously mentioned on the site, my theory is that The Vision will be resurrected as a greyed out, emotionless shell in Avengers 4 and I expect that to remain the case moving forward.

Yes, it limits what Marvel can do with the character but it would also be equal parts tragic and fascinating to see the ramifications his return would have and there's a strong chance the studio could find a way to one day restore his personality. Until then, seeing the Scarlet Witch mourn what could have been and a Vision who is perhaps a little more brutal - like his creator Ultron - would be very cool.


The Eternals

I don't think any of us expected Marvel to shift the spotlight to The Eternals in Phase 4 but it makes sense after the company's television division took the Inhumans and, well, f***ed them up!

I highly doubt the seeds for these characters to debut will be laid in Avengers 4 but Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 seems like a safe bet, especially as James Gunn is set to take charge of the rapidly expanding cosmic side of this universe in order to further open it up to new storytelling possibilities. 


The Winter Soldier

He's going to be Captain America. That's it. That's literally all I have to say on the matter. You'll see! 

Black Widow

Marvel is reportedly developing a standalone movie featuring Black Widow but that will more than likely delve into her origin story. Despite that, I still believe Scarlett Johansson has a big part to play in the MCU moving forward and that she'll continue serving as a member of The Avengers, at least into Phase 5. By that point, the actress could be ready to move on but not until her own spinoff is released!


It's been clear for a while now that Nebula's story arc is one of redemption and I fully expect her hero's journey to continue into Avengers 4 and beyond. My guess is that the Russo Brothers will follow the comics and find a way to restore her appearance, something which will lead to her becoming a permanent member of the Guardians. However, wouldn't it be even cooler for her to choose to stick around on Earth and become an Avenger instead? It would be an unexpected and fun twist...

The X-Men And Fantastic Four

As of right now, there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Fox/Disney merger and whether or not it will actually happen. Assuming it does, though, you'd best believe that Kevin Feige will bring the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as quickly as humanly possible. While we'll no doubt be closer to Phase 5 by the time that happens, the seeds will probably be planted before then.

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