AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Concept Art Features Drax Vs. Thanos, Iron Spider, Stormbreaker, And More

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Concept Art Features Drax Vs. Thanos, Iron Spider, Stormbreaker, And More

A new batch of Avengers: Infinity War concept art has been revealed now that the movie is available on Digital HD and it puts the spotlight on Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, the White Wolf, and much more...

Avengers: Infinity War is the biggest superhero movie of all-time and just as we started calming down after seeing the epic ensemble, it's now hit Digital HD and is all everyone is talking about again. Today, a new batch of concept art has been revealed and it puts the spotlight on moments we did and didn't see in the movie along with a number of characters, including Thor, Doctor Strange, and Iron Spider.

These are all very cool and hopefully just the start because the Avengers: Infinity War "Art of" book is set to be released this fall. That's bound to be crammed full of great images and may even shed some light on where the story goes next as Avengers 4 is still shrouded in such a great deal of secrecy. So, to check out this new concept art, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button down below.

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Thor finally powers up with Stormbreaker in hand and we get a very cool look at his armour reforming itself over his arms, an idea which was actually first established by Joss Whedon in The Avengers
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The Iron Spider suit was introduced in Spider-Man: Homecoming but it wasn't until Avengers: Infinity War that Peter Parker finally got to try it on. Here, we get a spectacular close-up shot of that. 
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In a slightly different scene to what we saw in the movie itself, Iron Man clings on to Spider-Man as the two heroes travel into outer space. The Russos have said that they actually reshot this sequence.
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While we did see Drax cross paths with Thanos in the movie, he never really got the revenge he wanted and this piece of artwork shows the Man Titan easily overpowering the Guardian of the Galaxy. 
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Bucky was given a totally new look for Avengers: Infinity War as he went from being The Winter Soldier to becoming Wakanda's White Wolf. We didn't see much of him, though, as he turned to dust.
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This gorgeous piece of concept art shows Chris Hemsworth rocking his new costume as the God of Thunder and while it uses a lot of black, it definitely suits the hero and is hopefully a look he'll keep.
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Doctor Strange goes to war with Thanos here but it's clear that the Sorcerer Supreme's best efforts aren't anywhere near strong enough to stop the Mad Titan - and the Infinity Gauntlet - in his tracks.
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Iron Man dons his most technologically advanced armour to date in the movie and this concept art gives us a closer look at how that was brought to life. Will he get a new look in Avengers 4, though? 
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Here, we see Corvus Glaive and one of Thanos' monstrous Outriders. It's interesting seeing how much work was put into the former, especially as his screen time was ultimately pretty limited. 
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We never got to see how Bruce Banner made his way out of that hole in the Sanctum Sanctorum but this piece of concept art shows Doctor Strange giving the Jade Giant a much needed helping hand.
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In this very cool shot, Doctor Strange does battle with Ebony Maw, a standout sequence in Avengers: Infinity War which probably could have lasted a little longer as their powers are so unique.
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This is a fantastic shot of Thanos but look closely and you'll notice that the Infinity Stones are placed a little differently on the Infinity Gauntlet with the Mind Stone taking the place of the Time Stone. 

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