AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Hi-Res Concept Art Features Eitri And An Inventive New Use Of Groot's Powers

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Hi-Res Concept Art Features Eitri And An Inventive New Use Of Groot's Powers

Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) played Eitri in Avengers: Infinity War, and now some new concept art reveals alternate takes on the dwarf as well as an unexpected use of Groot's abilities. Take a look...

Avengers: Infinity War featured a lot of big surprises and while we knew in advance that Peter Dinklage would be making an appearance in the epic ensemble, no one had any idea about who the actor would be playing until the movie reached theaters

The Game of Thrones star took on the role of Eitri, the leader of the dwarves who crafted the Infinity Gauntlet for Thanos before being robbed of his hands. Despite that, he still managed to create Stormbreaker for the God of Thunder and did so with a little help from Thor's newfound friends. 

In this amazing batch of hi-res concept art from Avengers: Infinity War, we get to see not only some new takes on Eitri but also a few other dwarves along with various designs for Groot and an inventive use of the sentient tree's powers which tie into Stormbreaker.

To check it out, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button below for the full gallery.

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A mould of the Infinity Gauntlet could be seen in the movie and many fans believe that Earth's Mightiest Heroes will end up tracking that down in a bid to use it against Thanos in the sequel. 
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Another version of the shot above, what was a fleeting glance in the movie itself was clearly going to be a more significant scene once upon a time. Perhaps Thor would have taken it with him?
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An earlier version of Nidavellir would have obviously included other dwarves and that definitely would have been cool to see. It's interesting that Eitri is portrayed as being the biggest here, though.
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Two alternate takes on Eitri, the second clearly imagined him as being more alien in appearance, something which might have worked but probably wouldn't have made him feel Asgardian!
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Pretty much what we got in the movie, many fans were disappointed to see Dinklage playing a character like this but he certainly managed to make Eitri memorable with little screentime. 
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A couple of very cool alternate takes on Stormbreaker's creation, it seems as if the original plan was for Thor to be perfectly fine as he witnessed the creation of his brand new weapon. 
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How cool would this have been? Apparently, the thought process behind this was that Groot would basically be like Yoda on the back of Eitri as he provided him with arms to forge Stormbreaker.
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The fateful moment the God of Thunder was found by the Guardians of the Galaxy, the time these heroes spent together in the movie was an undeniable highlight as they had great chemistry.
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Groot spent most of this movie playing a video game but it seems as if one early idea was for him to emulate Star-Lord by listening to some tunes as he travelled with Thor and Rocket. 
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A handful of alternate designs featuring the beloved sentient tree, will fans of Groot ever be able to forgive the Russos for turning him to dust at the end of the movie after that heartbreaking final line?

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