What Are The 20 Movies Marvel Studios Has Planned After AVENGERS 4? We May Have Some Ideas!

What Are The 20 Movies Marvel Studios Has Planned After AVENGERS 4? We May Have Some Ideas!

What Are The 20 Movies Marvel Studios Has Planned After AVENGERS 4? We May Have Some Ideas!

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently revealed that they already have upwards of 20 movies in the works after the release of Avengers 4 and we've now sat down to figure out what those might be...

Earlier this year, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed that he currently has around 20 - 22 movies in the works. That's a good decade's worth of stories right there and it just goes to show how far ahead Disney is thinking. Throw in the news that the studio is about to merge with 20th Century Fox and there are literally countless characters about to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Looking over rumours, what we know, and general speculation, we've managed to compile a list of movies we believe could be on the way from Marvel Studios over the next decade or so. Among the sequels we're all expecting are a lot of very exciting possibilities featuring heroes already owned by Marvel and those who are about to enter this world and make it even bigger than we ever imagined. 

We think you'll be surprised by what you find so keep reading to find out what comes after Avengers 4!

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The Masters Of Evil

Villain led superhero movies no longer appear to be all the rage following the release of Suicide Squad but it would still be fun seeing what Marvel Studios could do with a team of bad guys in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, there are an awful lot of villains who haven't been used or could be brought back for this one and the stage could then be set for the group to take on The Avengers. Perhaps they'll even be led by Doctor Doom?


With the Fox/Disney deal set to go down any day now, this movie happening is inevitable and it will be interesting seeing what form it ultimately takes. Have the X-Men been operating in secret for years, hidden in Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters or will the mutant gene suddenly emerge in the MCU, leading to the unexpected appearance of this superhero team and an entire wave of new heroes and villains? If so, how will The Avengers react to that? Avengers Vs. X-Men?

A Female-Led Team-Up

Tessa Thompson recently revealed that she and a number of other actresses from the MCU have approached Kevin Feige about a spinoff revolving around the women of this shared universe and you have to believe that it's going to be a priority for them moving forward. Regardless of whether we get A-Force or an all-female roster of Avengers, a very different group of heroes will assemble after 2019 and this is looking like an awesome path to head down.

Captain America 4

We don't know whether or not Chris Evans will stay on as Captain America following the events of Avengers 4 but there's no way the star spangled superhero is staying on the shelf. My guess is that Sebastian Stan is finally going to be given the opportunity to wield the shield as the franchise is taken in a drastically different direction - similar to what Ed Brubaker did in the comics - and there's a long list of reasons why we should be excited about that.


On the surface, Blade is one of those characters who would probably be well-suited to joining the rest of The Defenders on Netflix but Kevin Feige has shown a fair bit of interest in the Vampire Hunter and bringing him and those creatures to the MCU would definitely shake things up in a very significant way. The third movie may have been a dud but Blade has found success on the big screen before and could again if handled the right way.


Will Ryan Reynolds still play Deadpool and would the franchise remain R-Rated under the watchful eye of Kevin Feige? It's hard to say but the character is going to live on in some form because Disney isn't stupid and is aware how much money the Merc with the Mouth is capable of making. Seeing Reynolds' Wade Wilson in the MCU would be a dream come true but time is going to tell on that front as a reboot is entirely possible depending on how things pan out.

Young Avengers

Rumour has it that The Vision and the Scarlet Witch's twins will be introduced in Avengers 4 and while that probably means a Young Avengers movie is a long way off, there are ways it could happen and throwing Iron Lad or Riri Williams into the mix would be a good way to keep Iron Man's legacy alive. Make Fantastic Four and Avengers villain Kang the Conqueror the main big bad and that brings time travel into the MCU in a really exciting way.


We first met the Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy but with Thanos no doubt about to lay waste to Xandar as he hunts down the Infinity Stones, Phase 4 would be the perfect place for Richard Rider to be appointed as the Nova who can restore order to the universe once the Infinity War reaches its conclusion. Introducing him in Vol. 3 would be a smart move before a spinoff launches shortly after. Just focus on Richard Rider rather than Sam Alexander, eh? 

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 (that won't be the title but it's less of a mouthful than Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures Untitled Spider-Man Sequel) already has a confirmed release date of July 5th, 2019, and that makes it both the first Phase 4 movie and the first to be released following Avengers 4. As a result, it has the chance to lay the groundwork for what this world looks like after Thanos' attack and that's exciting for both Spidey and the MCU. 

Doctor Strange 2

For an origin story featuring a little-known character, Doctor Strange was a huge success and one of Marvel's most unique movies to date (aside from the similarities to Iron Man). I'm not sure whether the studio is waiting to see how fans react to the Sorcerer Supreme in the next two Avengers movies but it's about time this sequel is given the green light, preferably with Scott Derickson at the helm.

Thor 4

A few months ago, I would have placed money of the God of Thunder probably not making it out of Avengers 4 alive but the critical and commercial success of Thor: Ragnarok will no doubt have changed that and made Marvel anxious to sign both Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi up for part four. Captain America: Civil War helped that franchise make $1 billion and so too could this fourth outing for Thor.

Fantastic Four

After what happened with the dismal 2015 reboot, chances are that the Fantastic Four is far from Marvel Studios' top priority. However, there's no way these characters are staying on the shelf indefinitely and there are plenty of ways the team could be introduced to the MCU, regardless of whether it's in a 1960 set adventure filling in some gaps of the MCU's history or as a result of the events of Avengers: Infinity War/Avengers 4.

Captain Britain

Earlier this year, Kevin Feige expressed interest in bringing Captain Britain to the big screen and with Ant-Man and The Wasp set to introduce the concept of the Multiverse, it makes sense for Marvel to introduce those who protect it in the form of the Captain Britain Corps. It could be a truly amazing movie, delving both into the UK's mythology and a wacky cosmic world which opens up even more new doors for future storytelling possibilities.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

James Gunn has confirmed that he's working on the treatment for this movie and that he's more than likely going to start playing a much larger role in the cosmic side of the MCU moving forward. What form Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will take remains to be seen but we know that it will involve Adam Warlock and that Groot will have evolved from his current adolescent appearance into something new. Beyond that, we don't know what Gunn has in store!


It's a shame this deal couldn't have taken place a few years ago because seeing Hugh Jackman assemble alongside The Avengers would be nothing short of epic. Rest assured that Kevin Feige will want to put his stamp on Wolverine, though, and that means casting a new actor in the role and giving the clawed mutant his own (more comic accurate movie). The hero could slice his way through some bad guys before becoming part of both the X-Men and Avengers. 

Avengers 5

Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 making upwards of $1 billion is pretty much a guarantee and that means this particular franchise is going nowhere. While Earth's Mightiest Heroes will no doubt take on a very different form here, a fifth instalment being in the works just makes sense, especially with so many new heroes coming to the MCU who it's essential to see assemble on the big screen. A version of the New Avengers would be particularly cool!

Captain Marvel 2

You may think we're getting ahead of ourselves here but the signs are all pointing to Captain Marvel being the MCU's Wonder Woman with Avengers 4 set to bring her into the present day after her solo film delves into her adventures in the 1990s. With Carol Danvers firmly established as the new face of this shared universe after 2019, Marvel will want to move quickly to get a sequel in the works and for it to be the focal point of whatever form Phase 4 ends up taking.

The Wasp

Talking of female-led movies, Hope Van Dyne is set to take centre stage in Ant-Man and The Wasp next year and it's entirely possible that we'll see the hero set out on an adventure of her own in the not too distant future. The character could be joined by her mother or go it alone but there are other places Ant-Man could show up and a movie revolving around The Wasp has just as much potential as Ant-Man did back in 2015 so it would be fun seeing this Scott Lang-free adventure become a reality.

Sinister Six

Sony's plans for a Sinister Six movie came to a crashing halt when they teamed up with Marvel Studios but it would be crazy to think that Kevin Feige has no intentions of bringing this team to the MCU to do battle with Spider-Man. While I'm not suggesting that we get a spinoff revolving solely around the team (it needs to heavily feature the wall-crawler), Marvel should make an event of it and it would be the perfect way to cap off this trilogy for the young superhero.

Black Panther 2

As of right now, we have no idea how successful Black Panther will be but the movie looks amazing and it's hard to imagine it being anything other than a hit. Interest in T'Challa will no doubt go through the roof once this is released and the hero returns in Avengers: Infinity War and so a sequel is going to be with us at some point in the near future as the world of Wakanda continues to expand. Chances are it will probably hit the big screen by as soon as 2020. 

Which of these potential movies are you guys most excited about? Have we missed any others you think could be on the way after Avengers 4? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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