Nathan Fillion on Avengers & Playing Ant-Man

Nathan Fillion on Avengers & Playing Ant-Man

Nathan Fillion on <i>Avengers</i> & Playing <i>Ant-Man</i>

MTV caught up with "Castle" actor, Natthan Fillion, and he talks about Joss Whedon directing Avengers, plus jokes about playing Ant-Man. Check It Out!

A couple of days ago at the Iron Man 2 premiere, MTV caught up with Nathan Fillion. He shares his thoughts on Joss Whedon directing Marvel's Avengers film, which hasn't been confirmed by Marvel themselves. When asked, Fillion also shares how he feels about playing Hank Pym aka Ant-Man in The Avengers.

"I appreciate that," said Fillion of suggestions that he'd be perfect for the role of Pym. "Maybe it's because of my diminutive size?"

"I'm familiar with the character," said Fillion. "I think Hank's powers come in really handy when you have to slip into a crack to defuse a bomb somewhere that no one else can reach. ... Or spying in girls' locker rooms."

"But knowing Joss, he'd give him something very clever, and very cool to do — something that no one can do without," he laughed.

Fillion said he hadn't spoken with Whedon since the "Avengers" news, and at this point in his career, the "Buffy" creator has already done so much for him that he wouldn't feel right asking for a role in the Marvel movie.

"There comes a point in time where one single man does so much for you that you can't ask him to do anything more for you," he said.

But what if Whedon offered him a part?

"Boom!" he shouted. "I'm in!"

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