The Reality of Marvel's Avengers Project

The Reality of Marvel's Avengers Project

Based on the prequel movies, how I think the Avengers will turn out.

Over the past three years Marvel has been building one of the most anticipated movies of all time. Im not kidding about that either. It is the first of its kind not just because it has four of the biggest Marvel A-listers, but because never in the history of film has five separate films led up to one giant summer blockbuster. But is it enough? Has Marvel made enough of an impact with their prequel films to make the impact that a movie of this caliber should?

Box Office

If you look at the facts, based on reviews and box office takings, the Marvel movies have been good but not great. They are making an average amount of money per film, each film making around 200-300 million domestically, and most of them have been given better than a B average film rating. Oddly enough though the general public don't seem to understand the build up. What I mean by that is that even though the films are treated as stand alone (basically) they are building towards this Avengers movie, but the amount of money per movie has not really grown from one movie to another. This means that roughly the same amount of people are seeing these movies and if the fan base is growing per movie, it is very slight. Does this mean the Avengers will make a similar amount compared to the rest of the prequel films?

No, not necessarily. In theory, the Avengers will make much more money because of the combination of characters coming together in one movie, but simply adding what each movie had made together obviously wouldn't be a realistic estimate of how much the Avengers will make. I would say that the avengers will make more than all of the the prequel films but not a whole bunch more. There will be those who go see this movie that have not seen all or any of the prequel films just due to the hype created by media and what not around the time of the release. Then again, with the amount of CBMs in the past few years people may not see this due to fatigue of the sub-genre, but I highly doubt that these people would make much of a dent in over all box office takings.

In my opinion, the movie will make around 400-500 million domestically at the most due to other competition, what the other movies have made, and what hype might cause in ticket sales to increase.

Story/ Action/ Chemistry

My opinion in this is very shaky due to the fact that each movie has been written and developed by different directors and writers, so I may be wrong in this. I feel as if Marvel has messed up since Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk in both Story and Action. both Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk had story and action that flowed well within their movies but since then Marvel seems to have messed this up. Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America have all suffered from horrible action scenes during the climatic battle scenes at the end of the movies. This bothers me because an Avengers movie with short, shoddy action scenes would be a nightmare. Yes, we want to see a great story and yes, we want to see great chemistry, but this is a CBM during the summer, there has to be a good amount of action. I feel as if, and i may be wrong, we will see each character having either their own action sequence or the team will split into twos and we will see small team action sequences building up to a final climatic battle in which all of them will be in a battle together, but that's it. Action has been Marvel's Achilles heal and i dont see this changing. I could actually see, due to the fact there are four main heroes and four smaller heroes, that the amount of time with each Main hero will be short and unsatisfactory, but spread even between the Main heroes none the less.

Once again, this is only my opinion but I feel pretty confident in it.

Will the Avengers be good? Yes
Will we be satisfied? Maybe but I'm thinking the hype will be too much and we will leave the theater unsatisfied
Will we all see it no matter what? HELL YES

As always, leave your opinions below.
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