10 Things I'm Worried/Excited About - The Dark Knight Rises

10 Things I'm Worried/Excited About - The Dark Knight Rises

Five things I'm worried about and five things I'm excited about, when it comes to The Dark Knight Rises

Whenever a new film comes out that I'm a fan of, I always end up overanalyzing the littlest details and jumping to my own conclusions, positive or negative. Naturally, that brings about some things I get very excited about and some things I'm equally anxious about in a bad way. Let's take a look at a few of those things in regards to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES...


1. Possible 8 Year Gap

I’m very, very nervous about this. I don’t see how it’ll make any sense and work. Not only does Gordon look in the hospital scene from the teaser to not have aged 8 years, but to say that the police have been chasing Batman and accusing him of murder for EIGHT years is just drastic. Considering the time lapse between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight is what, a year or two maybe, I can’t imagine this being a logical jump in time. It’s too far. If you were to say a year, then sure, I can see that. But eight years is meaning that Bruce is now about 40 and he’s still wearing the same suit made by Lucius in TDK, we still have no Robin, and for what? I’m still really hoping that this is just some messed up report or rumor with no foundation.

2. Small Bane

Don’t get me wrong, if you gave me a choice between seeing what we’ve seen so far versus having what many people suggest – a WWE superstar playing a giant luchador – this new take seems much more interesting and has better potential. That’s coming from someone that owns his own wrestling website (Smark Out Moment, check it out and my YouTube show Smack Talk if you’re interested – plug over). Bane still looks nowhere near as intimidating as I was hoping he would be, particularly if that voice we’ve heard is what they end up with (I’m not expecting it to be, though).

3. TOO Reflective of Batman Begins

I keep hearing all of this mirror imagery that they’re going to set up between Batman and Bane. While I’m a big, big supporter of making things turn around full circle (even if it’s just referencing a joke from earlier in a conversation), you run a risk of being repetitive and pointless if you do it too much. If this is a film that starts off the same as Batman Begins but from Bane’s point of view, then references the two of them as being similar throughout the whole film, which might consist of a plot that is basically just “League of Shadows takes a weapon and plans on destroying Gotham with it”, then why not just watch Batman Begins again?

4. Catwoman Not “Catwoman” Enough

Look, I wasn’t expecting her to spit out a bunch of cat puns and wear the original cat mask from the 40s or anything, but from what we’ve seen, there really isn’t anything “Catwoman” about her yet. She’s got a black outfit, her character is Selina Kyle, and she’s hot. Those are the similarities we know right now. It annoys me when I see things like the goggles look the way they do when, if you’re adding something like that into the film, it wouldn’t be any more difficult to just make the goggles look like the comic book version. These goggles don’t look like cat eyes, and as much as people say when she has them up on her head that that resembles cat ears, I don’t see it. It looks more like a woman in an Emma Peel Halloween costume sporting some goggles on her head. Considering how Catwoman’s modern outfit is something that would work perfectly well in Nolan’s realistic world, I don’t see why they seem to be stripping all of the CATwoman characteristics away from it. Whips, a cowl, and goggles that resemble cat eyes aren’t exactly like asking for a mutant shapeshifting mud monster (sorry Clayface). Then again, I’m sure we haven’t seen it all, so I’m hoping I’m proven wrong about this and we get “Catwoman” on the screen, instead of just “Woman on a bike dressed in leather named Selina Kyle”.

5. Ending the Trilogy by Ending Batman

Personally, I like my stories to end with a sense that the story will continue after you’re done watching it, but in a way that we can all make up the details so much as we know the big picture. This is extended even more so when it comes to comic book movies and any other kind of serialized franchise in similar fashion. I don’t want my Ultimate Spider-Man to end with Peter Parker just being killed and then that’s it (nor do I want someone else to take up the role, Miles or Ben or Miguel, but that’s a different discussion). I want it to end knowing that Peter’s still out there as Spider-Man, but in a better place with it. Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking, think more along the lines of the end of Return of the Jedi (still work to be done, but we know the rebels have won and will ultimately fix everything) versus the end of another one of my favorite movies, Reservoir Dogs (hint: you’ll never see Reservoir Dogs 2 lol). I don’t want to see Batman crippled and retired. I don’t want Bruce to be killed off. I want to see that Batman has ascended to greatness and is going to clean Gotham up even if it takes one criminal at a time – but damn it, he’ll do it even if he has to do it until the day he does eventually die. By the way, when speaking about ascending, I can’t stress enough how much I’m disappointed with the title “The Dark Knight Rises”. The word ‘rises’ is used far too much in movies recently and I think replicating the ‘The Dark Knight’ part was just lazy. Plus, if they do in fact want to end this by ending Batman, then that would be quite stupid to name the film “Rises”, wouldn’t it? They keep speaking about this being a definite end to things, which has me worried.


1. The Track Record

I was first turned to Nolan with Memento, which I loved. Insomnia fell flat, and I’m not the biggest fan of Prestige (not bad, just not good enough to own IMO), but Inception, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight are all three films I own and love. Batman Begins is what I consider the best comic book film ever. Thus, I’m excited to see what they bring us in this next film. If it’s more of those 3 instead of the Insomnia quality, then this should be a real treat.

2. Bat Cave

First we have a rough concept, then we have more of a bat-garage than anything else, but by now, we’ve GOT to have the true Bat Cave! I don’t expect fluorescent lights and motorized platforms with a giant penny and dinosaur and whatnot, but I’m definitely expecting to see a more decked out Bat Cave in this version. If I start hearing that we won’t see it, I’ll be really disappointed.

3. Bane and Catwoman (and possibly Talia)

They might not be what I want them to look like and for all I know, that’s as good as it’s going to get, but for now, I’m excited to see what Nolan pulls out of these two characters in the film. I’m a fan of both of them – more so Catwoman than Bane, but I’ve been getting more into Bane the past few months and he’s growing on me – so even though I really was hoping for Riddler, I’m still more than up for these two. This would be a different story if you were telling me the new female lead would be Roxy Rocket and the new villain was Calculator, haha. The possible addition of Talia is another welcome addition that I’m looking forward to seeing.

4. Hans Zimmer is the Man

I have a playlist dedicated to any type of song that sounds similar to the Hans Zimmer style, whether it’s the Transformers or Island soundtracks, production music like “Kingmaker” by Immediate Music, or something by Hans Zimmer himself. The guy does quality work and I love it, so I’ll be keeping my eye on the score for sure (or should I say my ear?).

5. Future Recognition in Retrospect

This is definitely jumping ahead, but it's something that is on my mind nonetheless. If this film is as good or better than the previous films, because of it being the last of a trilogy, we might finally see Christopher Nolan and the rest of the cast/crew responsible for it be recognized for their work. I'm not expecting it to win Best Picture, but it seems like the Academy took a lot of necessary flack for snubbing The Dark Knight that they might have listened to when it came time to think about Inception. If Lord of the Rings can win Best Picture and countless other awards for ending its trilogy, why can't a Batman trilogy get some respect as well? It's a possibility, and we'll have to see what the final product is before speculation about awards could possibly make any sense, but the sheer concept behind the potential that it has to make that impact is something I'll be eagerly in anticipation for.

So what are some things that you're worried and/or excited about for Nolan's third and final outing with the Batman?

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