BATMAN: Previously Lost Footage Of Adam West As The Caped Crusader Has Been Discovered

BATMAN: Previously Lost Footage Of Adam West As The Caped Crusader Has Been Discovered

Recently unearthed footage shows the late actor teaching children how to be cautious pedestrians. Once thought to be lost, the segment can now be seen for the first time in over 50 years! Check it out...

Way back in 1967, Adam West's BATMAN made a stop in England to teach children about road safety. While that in itself doesn't sound terribly exciting, this recently rediscovered footage of the Caped Crusader tackling the Kerb Drill is the first in a long line of preserved television segments and programs that will soon see the light of day once again. 

The PSA finds Batman in England while taking a break from Gotham City to warn children of the "deadly, daily danger" of traffic. He then instructs a group of kids to stop, look both directions, and then cross the street if clear. It's short, it's poorly filmed, but it's a part of history.

The full clip has never been seen outside of the United Kingdom, and thanks to an organization named Kaleidoscope, even die hard fans of West's take on BATMAN will be able to see the public service announcement for the first time. Kaleidoscope specializes in the discovery and preservation of lost television segments like the BATMAN road safety PSA, and they screened the segment in its entirety at Birmingham City University Saturday morning. The segment kicks off a list of the UK's top 100 missing television programs that industry professionals have most wanted to see restored.

The full clip can be seen below.

Other recently recovered segments from Kaleidoscope include early DOCTOR WHO footage and episodes of The Avengers, which, thanks to a certain American comic book company, is better known in the States as Steed and Mrs. Peele.
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