FAN-ART: Here's What Leonardo DiCaprio Could Look Like As THE JOKER

FAN-ART: Here's What Leonardo DiCaprio Could Look Like As THE JOKER

We learned yesterday that Warner Bros. is eyeing Leonardo DiCaprio for The Joker in that upcoming standalone origin story and now some fan-art provides an idea of what he might look like as the villain...

Jared Leto is going to return as the Clown Prince of Crime in Suicide Squad 2 and Harley Quinn and The Joker but Warner Bros. is seeking a new actor to take on the role in a standalone origin story which will reportedly be produced by Martin Scorsese. The studio is hoping that Leonardo DiCaprio will don the iconic face paint and now some new fan-art reveals what the Oscar winner could look like in the role. 

With the plan being to make this a gritty, hard boiled crime movie, it makes sense that we're seeing a bloody and quite grounded looking take on the iconic Batman villain here. Whether or not this is the direction the movie itself will go in remains to be seen but this take on The Joker definitely works. 

Some fans are concerned that this standalone story won't actually see The Joker wear any makeup and that would be a surefire way 
for the studio to p*ss them off! We'll just have to wait and see but be sure to let us know your thoughts on this impressive piece of fan-art in the comments section down below. 

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