New Report Once Again Points To THE BATMAN Being A Standalone Movie Minus Ben Affleck

New Report Once Again Points To THE BATMAN Being A Standalone Movie Minus Ben Affleck

It's been denied by a number of people involved with the film but a new report from reliable sources claims that Matt Reeves' The Batman will indeed be a standalone movie which doesn't star Ben Affleck...

Does thinking about The Batman give you a headache? For months now we've been hearing conflicting reports about the movie and it's become clear recently that it's a long way off from becoming a reality. While it's been claimed that it's going to take place in the DC Extended Universe and star Ben Affleck, a new story from The Hollywood Reporter claims the plan is indeed for it be a standalone movie.

Talking about Warner Bros.' plans for future DC Comics adaptations, the trade says they will "have non-traditional takes on the heroes and villains of DC" and "War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves is developing a Batman stand alone that, according to sources, will not star Ben Affleck, who plays the caped crusader in the DC Universe movies." So, is Justice League the end for Batfleck?

We still don't know but the entire situation remains as muddy as ever and while Reeves took to Twitter to clarify old comments about his Batman movie being standalone, no one from the studio has offered anything official and Affleck continues making vague promises about remaining the Caped Crusader for as long as Warner Bros. will have him. Unfortunately, it seems we're stuck waiting and seeing!

On another note, it's also mentioned that studio execs are well aware that these standalone movies could confuse audiences but it seems they're still intent on moving forward regardless. Thoughts?
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