New THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Toys Image Tease With Possible Scarecrow Cameo

New THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Toys Image Tease With Possible Scarecrow Cameo

Target has a ton of new The Dark Knight Rises Toys, Games and even bed sheets. One mysterious toy looks alot like Scarecrow? Is Dr. Crane in The Dark Knight Rises? Plus more spoilers from the Kids book.

Who is this mysterious figure above? It sure looks like the outline of Scarecrow from Batman Begins...

While at my Local Target I came across a ton of Dark Knight Rises toys, stuff animals and bed sheets. The toy Section now has a large Dark Knight Rises sign above it and front and center is all The Dark Knight Rises Toys. The most interesting find tonight was on the back of the box of the mini figures...what looked like Scarecrow!? Is this outline Dr. Crane? Check out all these pictures of all the great merchandise.

Also while alot of these pages from these children’s books have already leaked. I was shocked to find that my local Ralph’s Grocery Store had Four Dark Knight Rises Children’s Books in the kids section. These pages pretty much confirm what we already knew, that 1. Batman has given up being Batman at the start of the film for quite some time. That 2. Gordon is talking to Batman in the hospital scene from the teaser and 3.Bane is the reason that makes Batman Come Back. I think of course the scene is different in the actual film and they simplified it for the kids book. I think that for example in the teaser hospital scene Batman is not in his costume but the leaked suit and ski mask pics we've seen leaked.

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