THE BATMAN - All The Confirmed Details, Rumors, Leaks, and Spoilers You Need To Know

THE BATMAN - All The Confirmed Details, Rumors, Leaks, and Spoilers You Need To Know

THE BATMAN - All The Confirmed Details, Rumors, Leaks, and <font color=red>Spoilers</font> You Need To Know

The conflicting reports about The Batman are enough to drive even the sanest fan mad so we've now rounded up all the confirmed details about the movie along with rumours, leaks, and even possible spoilers!

Is Ben Affleck going to play Batman? At this point, does anyone care? There have been so many conflicting reports about the actor's future with the Dark Knight, none of us knows what to expect from Matt Reeves' planned movie and without any official word from Warner Bros., it doesn't appear as if that will be changing any time soon, something which is bound to continue infuriating comic book fans.

While we all wait and see what happens, we've now rounded up everything we do know about The Batman along with all the various rumours, leaks and potential spoilers which have done the rounds.

Some of these we've covered on CBM and others have flown under the radar like a bat at night but this is your definitive guide to everything that is - and isn't - going on with the long-delayed DC Comics adaptation. So, to check out our in-depth breakdown, simply click on the "View List" button below.

The Batman Isn't Based On Any One Comic Book

Previous Batman movies have taken inspiration from the comic books but mostly come up with a fresh take on familiar material. It seems as if this one will be no exception because Matt Reeves has confirmed that no one comic book will be adapted for his movie and he was quick to debunk reports that Year One will be used as a basis for this story. That's no different to what Marvel does to be fair!

The Penguin May Be The Lead Villain

While The Penguin was initially rumoured to be the big bad of Birds of Prey, plans reportedly changed because Matt Reeves wants him to be the lead villain in The Batman. Josh Gad has made it clear that he would like to take on the role and while we know absolutely nothing about how the character will be portrayed on the big screen, it's about time he's given the opportunity to receive the spotlight.

The Batman May Focus On A Younger Bruce Wayne

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Matt Reeves' script focuses on a younger version of Batman and that points to his movie taking place before the events of Batman v Superman and Justice League. That could mean Ben Affleck will be made to look younger or another actor will be cast in the role but the director has played coy about whether or not the movie will even be set in the DC Extended Universe.

Ben Affleck As A Producer

We've dealt with a lot of conflicting reports about Ben Affleck's role in The Batman (some of which we'll touch on a little later) but this is one of the latest. Apparently, regardless of whether or not he stars in the movie, the actor will receive a producer credit, possibly because he's been involved with it from pretty much day one. Either way, it's best not to get too excited by this particular piece of news.

Jake Gyllenhaal Could Be The Next Batman

Jake Gyllenhaal is going to play Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home but could he immediately make the leap from the world of Marvel to DC? We've read what feels like countless reports about him being the next Batman and while nothing is confirmed - it's not been reported by the trades, for example - there's no denying that he would be a good choice to take on the role of the Dark Knight. 

It May Reboot The Franchise

With Justice League proving to be a critical and commercial disappointment for Warner Bros., the studio has cooled on the idea of a shared universe and that leaves the door open to a Batman movie which will actually be standalone in nature or set apart from the likes of Aquaman and Wonder Woman 1984. As a result, it probably won't surprise you that rumours have pointed to us getting a reboot. 

Matt Reeves' Favourite Batman Comics

The Batman may not be based on a specific comic book but Matt Reeves has revealed some of his favourite storylines, something which could very well shed some light on which direction he'll be taking things in. "I love Year One, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Ego...  Many others...  Neal Adams is awesome...  Love the original Kane and Finger," he told one fan who asked about that on Twitter. 

The Batman Might Start Shooting Next Year

One thing which has been consistent in pretty much every report about The Batman is the fact that production is scheduled to begin in 2019. The general consensus appears to be that pre-production will start by the end of this year and shooting will take place either in the spring or summer. That would obviously put the long-delayed release on track to reach theaters by sometime in 2020/2021.

Andy Serkis Wants A Role In The Movie

Andy Serkis obviously worked closely with Matt Reeves on two Planet of the Apes movies in which he played Caesar so the Black Panther star saying he would like to take on a role in The Batman is no great shock. With any luck, a role will be found for him and many fans have already suggested that it would be amazing seeing him transform into a character like Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a. The Penguin.

The Script May Be Done In A Matter Of Weeks

We've heard conflicting reports about how The Batman's script is coming together but what we know is that the version written by Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns has been scrapped so that Matt Reeves can start from scratch. The latest report points to it being finished by Labour Day but for the time being, it definitely sounds like The Flash and Birds of Prey are seemingly a much bigger priority for Warner Bros. 

Insurance Issues Could Cost Ben Affleck The Role

Last week, Ben Affleck was taken by his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and once again checked into rehab for alcohol addiction. Now, it's been revealed that the actor's personal issues could cost him the role of Batman because insurance costs would go through the roof and quite possibly match the budget of the movie itself, money Warner Bros. may not be willing to spend on its struggling DC Extended Universe.

Ben Affleck Does Want To Continue Playing Batman

Despite everything you've read so far about Ben Affleck's involvement with The Batman, a relatively recent report claimed that the actor does indeed want to continue playing the Caped Crusader. That's a surprise given everything that's happened but if he believes Matt Reeves can finally deliver a Batman movie loved by critics, you can see why he might want to stick around and now redeem himself.

Oscar Isaac May Have A Mystery Role

While some sites have claimed that there's no truth to this report, we recently heard that Oscar Isaac is interested in a mystery role in The Batman and speculation is already mounting that he could replace Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader. The Star Wars actor is incredibly talented and would make a fantastic Bruce Wayne, while he would no doubt be a solid pick for any number of DC characters.

Jason Todd May Factor Into The Movie

Despite the fact Zack Snyder has revealed that the Robin suit seen in Batman v Superman belonged to Dick Grayson, one report claims that Matt Reeves' movie will revolve around the death of Jason Todd. That doesn't necessarily mean we'll see The Joker or the Red Hood; it sounds more like the filmmaker simply wants to explore a Caped Crusader dealing with the death of someone who was in his care.

J.K. Simmons Hasn't Met With Matt Reeves

Despite only have a very minor role in Justice League, J.K. Simmons was perfectly cast as Commissioner Jim Gordon but does all this talk of a younger Batman mean he'll be too old to play the character in this solo outing? When he was asked where he stands, Simmons confirmed he hasn't spoken to Matt Reeves and while that could just be because it's too soon for that, it may not bode well for him.

Ben Affleck's On And Off Again Relationship With The DCEU

Ben Affleck's role within the DCEU has been fascinating to follow over the past few years...and by fascinating, I mean goddamn infuriating! He was supposed to take the helm of The Batman once upon a time and then dropped out and decided just to star. Since then, we've heard countless reports about him dropping out of the role and you can find a full timeline of what exactly happened right here.

Jack Huston May Be Playing Two-Face

In a relatively bizarre report which came completely out of nowhere, it's been said that Ben-Hur and Boardwalk Empire star Jack Huston is the top choice to take on the role of Harvey Dent/Two-Face. That casting is a little on the nose considering his appearance in the HBO series but he would be an interesting choice and it's about time the talented actor is given a role he can really show his stuff with.

Forget About Flashpoint

For a while, there was talk of Ben Affleck hanging up the cape and cowl either in Suicide Squad 2 or Flashpoint. Rumours pointed to Jeffrey Dean Morgan being given the chance to suit up as Batman in the latter but the actor has since made it clear that he's heard nothing about that in recent months and both he and a number of outlets have said that Flashpoint will now be a straightforward Flash movie.

The Batman May Have Started Hiring Production Staff

We told you earlier that Warner Bros. may be looking to start pre-production on The Batman by the end of the year so that could explain this report. It's said that production staff are being hired in preparation and while that's a relatively unexciting update, it takes this movie the closes it's ever been to actually happening. Ben Affleck's stint in rehab (if he's still playing the hero) could delay things.

We Won't See Deathstroke

When Ben Affleck was at the helm of The Batman, the plan was for Deathstroke to the lead villain. Some fans loved that idea and others hated it but it was certainly an interesting choice and one which would have resulted in a lot of very cool grounded and gritty fight scenes. However, comments from Joe Manganiello have made it clear that his future as Slade Wilson is now very much up in the air.

The Court Of Owls

The Penguin may be the lead villain of The Batman but it sounds like he won't be alone. One rumour claims that The Court of Owls will be making its presence felt, something fans would love to see after Scott Snyder's incredible comic book run featuring the villains. The potential to do something special with them is huge and while nothing is confirmed, you can see why Reeves might be interested.
What do you guys think about these rumours about The Batman? Are you still excited for the movie or has your interest waned? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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