Every Confirmed (And Rumored) Comic Book Movie Being Released In 2020

Every Confirmed (And Rumored) Comic Book Movie Being Released In 2020

2018 has been a manic year for comic book movies but things are only going to get busier! Now, we're taking a look at every confirmed, rumoured, and cancelled release coming our way in 2020...

Comic book movies are now more popular than ever before and that means theaters are dominated by characters from the Marvel and DC Comics Universes. That's not a bad thing for us, of course, but it's definitely hard to keep track of what we should be looking forward to!

While 2019 is now pretty much locked in, 2020 is a little more up in the air. 

A handful of movies have been confirmed for that year, while a number of release dates for "untitled" comic book adaptations have also been slotted in (many of which we're pretty sure we know the identities of). Now, we've gathered all the intel we have on them to bring you a definitive guide to every single superhero movie hitting 
theaters the year after next.

So, to take a look, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button below. Once you've done that, head down to the comments section to let us know which you're most excited about.

Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn)

Release Date: February 7th

Birds of Prey recently got an (overly long) title and with the cast now pretty much complete, we should start seeing material from this one within the first half of 2019. 

Revolving around Harley Quinn, Black Canary, and Huntress as they team up to try and stop Black Mask from getting his hands on the young Cassandra Cain, the fact this is coming before Suicide Squad 2 just goes to show that Harley is indeed the most important member of Task Force X to Warner Bros.



Release Date: February 21st

Starring Vin Diesel in the title role, the hope is that Bloodshot will launch a new cinematic universe for Valiant Comics but we've heard that before and know nothing is guaranteed (remember Dark Universe?) unless the movie is something truly special. 

It's too soon to say whether or not it will be, of course, but it has a solid enough release date. 



Release Date: March 13th

I feel like just writing "LOL" here and moving on but Fox has dated Gambit - a movie which was originally scheduled to be released over two years ago - for March 2020 and production will have to begin soon if they hope to get this out before the merger with Disney is complete.

Gambit still doesn't have a director and we have no idea what state the script is in so don't be surprised if there's absolutely no movement on this movie as we move into the New Year.


Untitled DC Film

Release Date: April 3rd

James Gunn has taken Suicide Squad 2 back to the drawing board and there's still nothing happening with The Batman, so it's impossible to say what could end up filling this release slot.

Warner Bros. slotted this one in a while ago and I would imagine that unless something like The New Gods or Jared Leto's Joker movie very quickly enter production (which is highly unlikely on both counts), don't be surprised if this date is ultimately vacated by the studio.


Untitled Marvel Studios Movie

Release Date: May 1st

Marvel Studios has only two movies pencilled in for 2020 after James Gunn was fired by Disney and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was put on indefinite hold while Kevin Feige and company attempt to figure out what they should do next. 

Chances are this slot will be given to Black Widow, an adventure which is rumoured to take place in both the past and present as we learn how Natasha went from KGB spy to S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Fans have been asking for this spinoff for years and we'll soon find out whether or not there really is a real demand for the Avenger to embark on a solo mission.


Wonder Woman 1984

Release Date: June 5th

Originally scheduled to be released next year, Warner Bros. made the unexpected decision to push Wonder Woman 1984 back to 2020 in order to take advantage of the same release date slot which saw the first instalment go on to be a massive box office success. 

That news disappointed a lot of fans and it's led to speculation that there may be some problems behind the scenes which resulted in this change. Nothing has been confirmed in that respect, however, so we'll just have to hope the sequel is worth the wait.


Untitled Fox Marvel Movie

Release Date: June 20th

This could be X-Force, Doctor Doom, or any one of the Marvel movies Fox reportedly has in development. Unless production begins in the first half of 2019, though, this release date slot will remain vacant. 

The only film I can imagine being rushed out in time is Deadpool 3/X-Force (which are more than likely one and the same) but Drew Goddard didn't seem overly confident that it would be his next project when asked last month, so the next time we see in the Merc with the Mouth could be in the MCU.


Untitled Sony Marvel Movie

Release Date: July 10th

Sony Pictures may be developing projects like Jackpot and separate Black Cat and Silver Sable movies but the most realistic possibility for this slot is Morbius the Living Vampire

Production begins in the New Year and Jared Leto has already shaved off his beard, so it will definitely be ready in time. An argument could be made that a prime summer release date is a strange decision for what's supposed to be a horror movie but Sony is more than likely going to take Morbius down the action/adventure route as they did with Venom.


Untitled DC Film

Release Date: July 24th

Another mystery movie, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to what this might be. The Batman, Suicide Squad 2, Nightwing, and any number of DC Comics adaptations are currently in the works at Warner Bros. but with the studio not revealing any details on its slate, we have no idea what comes next. However, I think it's doubtful that they'll release three films in one year.


Untitled Marvel Studios Movie - CANCELLED

Release Date: July 31st

Once upon a time, this was going to be Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 but it's no longer happening after Gunn's firing and, as I mentioned above, he's cracking on with Suicide Squad 2

Who would have ever guessed that would end up happening this year, eh? 


Untitled Fox Marvel Movie

Release Date: October 2nd

Whatever this was going to be, it's almost certainly been cancelled because this release date would mean production would have to begin well into 2019 and the Fox/Disney merger will be complete by then. Some fans would no doubt love Marvel Studios to get an X-Men reboot out by this point but that's definitely wishful thinking at this stage. 

Still, it's hard not to wonder what might have ended up taking this slot...but also something of a relief that we won't be subjected to another disappointing Marvel adaptation from the studio! 


Untitled Sony Marvel Sequel

Release Date: October 2nd

A Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequel is officially moving forward but there's no way that Sony will be able to rush that out in time to meet this release date. 

The studio specified that whatever's coming on October 2nd will be a sequel, though, and common sense says it will end up being Venom 2. The first instalment found a great deal of success on a similar date this year and you can't blame the studio for wanting to pit Venom against Carnage as soon as possible, especially after Venom massively exceeded box office expectations. 


Untitled Marvel Studios Movie

Release Date: November 6th

Are you ready for The Eternals? Marvel Studios is looking to delve into an entirely different side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this one and everything we've heard so far points to it being every bit as unique as Guardians of the Galaxy was back in 2014.

Essentially launching two new franchises in the same year is a bold move but this release date slot worked out nicely for Thor: Ragnarok, so there's a very strong chance this one will surprise us the same way Black Panther did back in February. 

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