Marvel’s Daredevil: The Easter Egg you may have overlooked as insignificant?

Marvel’s Daredevil: The Easter Egg you may have overlooked as insignificant?

A speculative observation that may show the future path of Marvel's Netflix franchises. If you haven't already seen the series, then most likely you've been living under a rock. Nevertheless mild spoilers follow for those uninitiated.

Wilson Fisk makes his getaway in an Atreus Plastics freight truck where he enters a garage and makes a switch to a Summerville Department Stores freight truck. Is this a symbolic passing of the torch from Daredevil to The Punisher?

Atreus Plastics is another fictitious corporation in the Marvel mythos. How does it factor into the history of Daredevil and The Punisher? Well, in Daredevil issue # 184 first printed in July of 1982, Atreus Plastics is a nefarious organization that is involved in the creation of high-grade plastic explosives. This same issue is part of a story arc that involves Daredevil in opposition of The Punisher.

Another entry in the plethora of fictitious Marvel companies is Summerville Department Stores, an obscure reference to a stand-alone Punisher comic. In issue # 49 first printed in June of 1991, The Punisher goes on a rescue mission to save the kidnapped heiress of Summerville Department Stores. The tagline that says "Proudly serving America for 75 years!" is also a very nice nod to Marvel's 75 years of existence.

We know Steven DeKnight would love to make a Punisher show. In a prior twitter Q&A DeKnight states that much. (You can scour the internet or a previous article on this site for that one.) Also, Mr. DeKnight cleverly references The Punisher at the 2014 NY Comic Con when talking about his interpretation of Daredevil. “He is one bad day away from becoming Frank Castle instead of Matt Murdock”, said DeKnight during the Daredevil panel at the Con.

Could DeKnight be leading the way for a Netflix Punisher series? Steven DeKnight won't return for season two of Daredevil because of feature film commitments, but he may have covertly laid the groundwork for a Punisher series to happen.

One thing is for sure, these clever easter eggs were done deliberately with care and with the intention to catch our focus, especially the close-up on the Summerville Department stores truck.  Is it another throw away reference or something more? We can only speculate at this point.

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