Disney Officially Announces The Name Of Its Streaming Service; More Details Revealed

Disney Officially Announces The Name Of Its Streaming Service; More Details Revealed

In an effort to catch up with the streaming age, Disney is now making major moves to bring its streaming service to the public. Their latest step in the process was revealing its name: Disney Play...

To be realistic, the Disney-Fox merger was never about the superheroes. Yes, it was a convenient bonus, but it was never a huge focal point in the shareholders' minds. But one huge selling point for Disney was filling up its streaming catalog, so that it could catch up with the likes of Netlfix. Now that the deal has come through, Disney's dream is becoming a reality. Named Disney Play, the service will be "the biggest priority of the company during 2019."

The quote, which comes from Disney head Bob Iger, is a huge deal considering what the company already has on their plate. On top of their 2019 film slate, the Mouse House will also be developing multiple shows based on existing properties, from High School Musical to Star Wars to Monsters Inc.

Unfortunately, Disney will not actively try to take away television rights from existing deals made by the company and Fox, for example pre-2019 MCU and Star Wars films will not hit the service for the time being. But on the bright side, Variety's report on the service implies that Disney will be upholding quality over quantity, something they have clearly been exercising for their film slate. Additionally, the platform will also be significantly cheaper than Netflix, so fans won't have to shell out too much to get their Disney fix.

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