DC & Marvel......Where's the WAR?!

Ok... first off, let me just start by saying I am both a Marvel & DC man... I have no allegiance to either. If asked what hero would be my personal favourite, I would have to say Superman... however, the fact is I've always embraced both universes. The comics of both Stan Lee, Bob Kane, Jack Kirby, Joe Shuster, Jim Lee & the many editors & aritists who have brought our Heroes back time & time again have inspired me.

But... here's the problem. There are many people in today's society who are subconciously, in my eyes, climatised to the world of "cool". When kids today are presented with something new, whatever the genre, it has to connect with the mainstream to maintain revenue & profit... to open to a wide audience, it has to be "not geeky". With comic book movies... that's not easy. In particular, with some of the more extravigant characters... such as the fantastic four, captain marvel... &.... Green Lantern!

Now on a site such as this, you are always going to have opposing sides of both DC & Marvel... but that's not really the issue. Many people will simply say that the Marvel movies of late have simply been of a higher quality. Thor was indeed a good movie, as was Captain America. Both stuck closely to the source material, while being incredibly accessible. Ironman was that rare example of of a new hero being introduced to cinema audiences with everything in it's favour... it had a degree of realism to it, a cool lead... & the backing of a major studio.

Now let's look at Green Lantern... it had the backing, the cool lead... however... it was very fantasy driven, incredibly far fetched & let's be honest... quite easy to perceive as geeky. A man who can make racing cars constructs from his magic ring?! Oh.... that's sooooo not down with the kids!

Here's the thing though... it stuck to it's source material like glue... & if you are a fan of the comics, I beieve this movie was a total success. It was a complete comic book experience & all the better for it. It was never going to be an easy sell, infact, I applaud Martin Campbell for being so true to Green Lantern.

I hold this film in the same regard as Ironman, Captain America & Thor. Of course, to a Marvel hardcore purist, the cinema battle for supremacy is a wonderful place right now. But purists, on both sides are missing out on so much. I didn't go to the cinema to watch GL simply because I was put off by the reviews... I got sucked into believing both hype & negativity in the press before making my own mind up... something most people are guilty of in today's "idealistic, cool driven world".

The film pleasantly suprised me... the extended cut that is... it had action, it had romance, it had cosmic space opera... but more importantly, just like most recent CBM's, it had heart.

At the end of the day, it's all purely subjective of course... but for me, it's about embracing the character, no matter how silly or far fetched in the "cool kids" eyes.

Let's stop trying to impress the ingang... & just enjoy these films when we own them on DVD. Because, at the end of the day, when we own it, who the hell cares what the fanboys think or the general public?!!

Just enjoy all of it... DC & Marvel.
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