FAN CAST: Alpha Flight

FAN CAST: Alpha Flight

FAN CAST: Alpha Flight

Here are my choices for who I think should play Canada's greatest superhero team, Alpha Flight!

Alpha Flight is a superhero movie that I would most definitely like to see make it to the big screen! Although we're all looking forward to The Avengers right now, I think that an Alpha Flight movie has the potential to be just as great! If they followed the format of the X-Men movies where the team is already assembled from the start then I can see the film having great potential in starting a whole new franchise! Anyway, here are my casting choices for the main members of the superhero team!

Matthew Fox as Guardian


James MacDonald Hudson was the original Guardian and the first leader, and creator, of Alpha Flight.

Annie Wersching as Vindicator


Heather Hudson was known as Vindicator, after the death of her husband she took over the leadership of Alpha Flight, and in time her Husband's battle-suit.

Billy Crudup as Sasquatch


A longtime member of Alpha Flight, he gained his powers while trying to duplicate the conditions that created the Hulk.

Kal Penn as Shaman


Shaman is a powerful magician who was a founding member of Alpha Flight.

Mircea Monroe as Snowbird


Snowbird is an Inuit Demi-God with the ability to change forms into any animal found in Canada.

Zachary Quinto as Northstar


Northstar is the haughty mutant speedster who has rejoined the X-men, although originally from Alpha Flight and most famous for being one of the first openly homosexual superheroes.

Katie Cassidy as Aurora


Aurora, the twin sister of Northstar, was a founding member of Alpha Flight. She also suffers from a split-personality disorder, which often causes her to be caught in precarious situations.

Martin Klebba as Puck


The bouncing and dwarfish dynamo of Alpha Flight, the good natured Puck is the heart of Alpha Flight.

Morena Baccarin as Marrina


Marrina is member of the alien race the Plodex. She was a member of Alpha Flight & honorary member of the Avengers.

So thats it, let me know what you think in the usual place and if you have any questions about why I chose these actors feel free to ask! Thanks for reading!!!

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