FAN CAST: Spider-Man 6 - Sinister Six

FAN CAST: Spider-Man 6 - Sinister Six

FAN CAST: Spider-Man 6 - Sinister Six

Here are my casting choices for Spider-Man, MJ, Black Cat and The Sinister Six!

Many users, including myself, believe that the Sinister Six should appear in Spider-Man 6 (c'mon, the marketing makes sense, lol!) so I've decided to make a cast of the main characters that I think should appear in this movie if it does in fact ever happen. (I havent included characters like JJJ or Aunt May as they've already been cast pretty perfectly in my opinion) I've chosen to use the original members of the supervillain team despite the fact that the movie's continuity would mean that it would perhaps make more sense to use other characters. Anyway, here are my choices for the movie's main cast!

Bret Harrison as Peter Parker/Spider-Man


I first suggest Bret Harrison for the role in my article, 'Why Bret Harrison is Perfect for the Role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man!' Since then I havent changed my mind and think that he'd be the perfect choice to portray the Peter Parker that we all know from the comic books!

Christina Hendricks as Mary Jane Watson


If this movie were to happen then it'll be busy enough without having Gwen as another love interest so just stick with what we've had for the past films but with Hendricks who is not only a better actress than Dunst but also far better looking as MJ has always been portrayed in the comic books. However, I would also be happy to have MJ as just a friend in the movie rather than as a romntic interest.

Elisha Cuthbert as Black Ca

Black Cat

A great actress and the best choice for Felicia Hardy in my opinion. She also happens to look perfect for the part. I think that the character's role in the film would be as a helping hand to Spider-Man in his battle against the Six whilst the chemistry between the two could be pretty entertaining depending on what they do with Black Cat in Spider-Man 4 and 5.



Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus

Doc Ock

Ok, I'm not going to come up with the explanation of how he returns from the dead but I'm sure that there is a way it could be done (if they wanted to) If that does end up happenning then I wouldnt want anyone than the original to take the part! He did an amazing job in Spider-Man 2 and more Doc Ock on the big screen could only be a good thing!

Thomas Haden Church as Sandman


For me, Church was the only decent thing in Spider-Man 3! Sure he turned good at the end of the movie but remember that in the comic books he was even a member of The Avengers for a while so its hardly unrealistic to think that he might switch back to being a bad guy in the movies!

Ben Foster as Electro


For anyone who saw his performances in '30 Days of Night', '3:10 To Yuma' or even 'My Name is Earl' the you'll know what a great actor this guy is and how well he can play calm and cool one minute and outright crazy the next! For me, this is just how Electro should be portrayed onscreen as he is in the comic books!

Bruce Campbell as Mysterio


Well, its already been rumoured but I think that Campbell is a great choice for the character and could easily handle a role which is more than just a cameo!

Gerard Butler as Kraven


Im not a fan of seeing Kraven as a movie's solo villain but I'd definitely like to see him make it to the big screen and for me Butler has the right intensity to pull off Kraven perfectly! In my opinion, he also looks perfect for the part and I find it easy to imagine him making the role his own and incredibly memorable.

Leon Russom as Vulture


I know that Ben Kingsley is a popular choice but I personally think that could easily pull off being a scary rather than cheesy villain especially after watching him in 'Prison Break'.

So thats it, let me know what you think in the usual place and if you have any questions about why I chose these actors feel free to ask! Thanks for reading!!!

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