Fantastic 4 FANCAST (By the SoulEater)

Fantastic 4 FANCAST (By the SoulEater)

I've had this cast stewing around for a while so now I'll unveil it.

I have a story to go along with this cast but I'll show that later.

For now here are my choices for the characters.

Too be fair I have 2 sets.

One for one ensemble, one for another.

My two choice for Reed Richards and Sue would be Ewan Mcgregor


or Patrick Wilson


With each pick of mine for Sue, i didn't just want "A cute blonde" I wanted someone who would make people/fans think "Wow, its Sue in real life!" in the same way people now cannot think Ironman without thinking Robert Downey Jr.

For Susan I have three choices:
either Melissa Sagemiller, fantastic actress who I'm certain would be like Susan herself coming off the pages.

Susan richards melissa sagemiller

or Malin Akermin, she has the look unquesionabley, as well as the acting in her arsenal to pull off the PERFECT Susan Richards/invisable woman.


or lastly Yvonne Strahovski, she's one of my favorite actresses who again amazes me how she can make you think she's NOT Australasian with how good she is, I could definitely see her redefining the role of Susan thats long needed.


For Johnny Storm, I had to think for a while but not wanting just ANYONE to play the Human Torch, I went with Hunter Parrish. He's got the wit, look, personality for sure, and his actings fantastic as you can see from various movies or shows like WEEDS.

Hunter Parrish

For Ben Grimm, and this got me for a while, I decided on finally Casting Donnie Wahlberg from BLUE BLOODS, take it from me, the guys got the chops to play the ever loving blue eyed THING in a serious sense, and he has the ability to really move you with his pain about not being human.

Donnie Wahlberg

if NO, then my original idea was to have the big and bad Jeffery Dean Morgan reprise the role.

jeffrey dean morgan

For the character of Alicia Masters I decided on Jessica Chastaine from the DEBT, she impressed me the most out of everyone else in that movie.

Jessica Chastaine

Now for Doctor Doom, and hear me out on this, up in until now, my choice for Victor Von Doom was always Rufus Sewell, who if chosen would be superb.

von photo Victorvondoomcopy.jpg

But I feel, for the PERFECT Dr. Doom, for the one who will convey having grown up the orphaned gypsy bastard who through his brilliance and resolve took over his own country before he was even 21, the brilliant mind who is basically on par with Tony Stark but without the self centered Ego clouding his judgement....and wants the world ruled because in his understanding its the only way to save it, and he's the only one fitting for the job?

I choose Bendedict Cumberbatch

 photo DoomSScan0001copy_zpsfc527ec9.jpg
benedict cumberbatch star trek photo: Benedict-Cumberbatch-in-Star-Trek-Into-DarknessFULL Benedict-Cumberbatch-in-Star-Trek-Into-Darkness_FULL.jpg
benedict cumberbatch star trek photo: benedict cumberbatch la-et-hc-sherlock-star-trek-benedict-cumberbatch-sl.jpg

I'm sorry but after seeing Star Trek into Darkness, I just got a collaboration of the brilliance, presence, lack of moral conscience, and dignity I wanted to see in a Doctor Doom...

So there you have it, my Fantastic Four cast.

You can look at my other F4 casts here in Citadel of Doom for my choices for the Caucasian version of Susan Storm at your leisure.

You Owe me your Soul, soul eater out.
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