Ben Mendelsohn Wants To Play DR. DOOM

Ben Mendelsohn Wants To Play DR. DOOM

Ben Mendelsohn recently seen in The Dark Knight Rises as John Daggett is reportedly keen on portraying Victor von Doom on the big screen.

In this week's edition of Melbourne's City Weekly (a free street press publication), acclaimed Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn - who played John Daggett in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, reveals that he is a comic book geek at heart who misses his favourite hometown comic book shop, Alternate Worlds (which was also my own local CB store), and says if he could choose just one dream role, it would be as Doctor Doom in a Fantastic Four movie.

'HE'S played a cop and a killer, Rupert Murdoch and a standover man, and has been nominated for more than a dozen awards in a glittering career spanning 30 years.

But if Ben Mendelsohn could choose one dream role, it would be Doctor Doom, nemesis of Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four.

While he relished his cameo in this year’s finale of the Batman juggernaut, The Dark Knight Rises, Mendelsohn admits he has his eye on Doom.

And he may get his chance, with a rumoured reboot in the pipeline. “I’d do anything to play Doctor Doom. I love the Doctor.”

It turns out Mendelsohn, 44, is a closet geek. One of Melbourne’s most successful film stars, he is reluctantly based in Los Angeles for most of the year.

On visits home he could once be found surfing the shelves of his favourite comic book store, Windsor’s sadly departed Alternate Worlds. “I loved that place; it’s so f*cked that it’s gone,” he sighs.'

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