Green Lantern Movie Review

Green Lantern Movie Review

<i><b>Green Lantern</b></i> Movie Review

Did Green Lantern really live up to its expectations? Or were the critics right about it being that bad? Check it out... (No Spoilers)

Okay just to clear things up bit I DID watch the movie. I don't want any of you CBMers screaming out "THIS IS FAKE!!!", "FAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!" etc. etc. I live in the Philippines so we get an earlier release of the movie.

Now let's cut to the chase: The movie pretty bad. Yup, you read it right it was just BAD (I hate saying this but the critics were right). The movie just didn't live up to its expectations. So i'll try to make this as simple as possible.

Positive Things:

The movie was entertaining and it was pretty funny. The effects were dazzling. The designs were pretty awesome (you get to see so many different aliens in Oa). I also loved the way they designed Oa and its infrastructures. The acting was okay.

Negative Things:

Okay now let's get to bad side of the movie. The story was just crappy. There was hardly any development with the characters. There was no chemistry with the characters. Planet Oa didn't have enough screen time. None of the alien Green Lanterns had enough screen time. The drama parts just wasn't dramatic enough. There was hardly any fight scenes. There was no action. etc. etc.

I'm sorry to say this but the movie just wasn't that great. Thor and X-men: First Class was way better.
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