The Flash's Home Town Referenced In Green Lantern

<i>The Flash</i>'s Home Town Referenced In <i>Green Lantern</i>

As the Green Lantern set visits and interviews begin to pour in over the net, one tid bit from Latino Review's write up caught my eye. It seems Central City, hometown of The Flash, will be referenced in the upcoming movie..

You're not going to able to move for Green Lantern coverage online from now on, as set visits and interviews bombard the ol interwebs. A lot of it is cool, if not terribly revealing or new, but I did find this excerpt from Latino Review's coverage very interesting..

DC Comic book writer Geoff Johns told us that the mythology for the film is all there, they even have the Guardian scar and it's all true to the comics. Also you will see some sort of easter egg in the movie; "There is a billboard for Central City somewhere in the movie, so Central City does exist" explained Johns.

Now while this isn't exactly Earth shattering news, it does suggest that WB are at least CONSIDERING some type of shared DC universe in their movies. Of course, it may not ever come to anything. After all, Gotham was mentioned in Superman Returns! Still it's nice to know that a shout out to Central City is in there. Maybe when the Flash movie does happen DC/WB will go a bit further and actually have some cross over of characters. We can hope right?

For their full coverage, as well as a great interview with Mark Strong(Sinestro) click the link back to Latino Review below.

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