Is Ghostbusters 3 Going To Happen?

Is Ghostbusters 3 Going To Happen?

Bill Murray is skeptical at best!

Bill Murray was recently on The David Lettermen Show were he said "Ghostbusters 3" is his "nightmare" and that the movie is just "crazy talk."

While taking questions at the "Get Low" premiere, ComingSoon shot the Ghostbusters 3 question into Bill Murray, hoping to back up his comments he made on The David Lettermen Show, who replied:

"You know, it's really the studio starts this stuff," Murray explained. "They start saying 'Ghostbusters.' They want to do it and it's really the world of sequels and bringing these things back again, and then some wiseacre said, 'Hey, we got a couple of new writers who are going to write something.' And I thought, 'Oh, well, maybe there'll be some writers' and there was always this joke, sort of a half-true, half-joke thing like, 'Well, I'll do it if you kill me off in the first reel.' That was my joke, you know?"

"So supposedly someone was writing a script where I actually got killed in the first reel and became a ghost, which I thought, 'Well, that's kind of clever anyway.' But then these guys that were supposedly the writers that were going to do it, they wrote a film ('Year One') that came out and people saw the film and went 'We're not going to do it after all, are we?' So it's just a kind of a dreamy thing. They want to create a new generation of Ghostbusters, you know? They'd just like us to pass the torch."

Bill then went into letting us know the real reason why he would return to the Ghostbuster franchise if given a chance:

"The guys are funny and I miss [Rick] Moranis and Annie [Potts] and Danny. I miss them. I think that's really a big part of it."

I personally would like to see a passing of the torch Ghostbuster movie, if done well. It also depends on who they get to fill the rest of the New Ghost Busting team. But it sounds like this one is stuck in development hell, for now anyway.
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