Iron Man 2 Novelization Breakdown

Iron Man 2 Novelization Breakdown

<i>Iron Man 2</i> Novelization Breakdown

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS! Here is a breakdown of the Iron Man 2 novelization. Though the film won't follow this storyline verbatim, it should be pretty close.

The Iron Man 2 novelization became available for purchase this week. Similar to the first film's print counterpart, it explains in depth the general scope of what we will soon be seeing in theaters.

Does Whiplash ever build his own suit? Who does Black Widow really work for? What is Justin Hammer's role?

The following are notes taken from the novel that answer those questions and more:


"Opens to Stark and Pepper on the plane above Stark Expo.
He has a hangover and Pepper offers him Midol.
Stark drinks Red Bull and Vodka.
Stark Expo is founded by Howard Stark to showcase tech as a futuristic city.

Cut to Russia.
Ivan watching his dad dying. Stark Expo coverage on TV
Anton says it should be Ivan there. Howard owes Anton a debt.
Ivan looks at blueprints and calls Stark a liar.
Wants to see the look on his face when Stark realizes the arc reactor isn't his.
He uses his dad's life support machine for parts when Anton dies.

Cut to Happy and Stark.
Girl shows up and flirts with Stark. He's at a loss, tries to keep ahead when he's served with papers to show up before Congress.

Back in lab, Stark is working on the suit with Jarvis help.
Biggest innovation is using non metallic polymers. In theory, a future suit could be generated on the fly given sufficient raw material on hand.
He's about to debut the Tech Ball (he wants a new name for it) a device to change the properties of it matter on command. Decides to keep it to himself for now.

Cut to Congress hearing.
Keeps playing with the Tech Ball trying to envison future uses for it.
Stern calls on Hammer, their primary defense contractor to testify.
Stark : "Sloppy seconds"
Hammer : "Blow me"
stark : "Let the minutes reflect that I observe Mr. Hammer entering the chamber and am wondering if and when an expert will also be in attendance."
Hammer talks about Howard Stark and his weapons company. Says the Iron Man suit is a sword, even if Stark says it's a shield.
Hammer pulls out an Iron Man toy of his nephew Timmy, and says he hopes Iron Man won't let Timmy down by not sharing the tech before someone with ill intentions develops similar tech.
They call Rhodey to testify and selectively quote a report of his where he says the suit is a threat to the nation. They try to cut him off, and he continues by saying he should be brought into the chain of command
Footage is shown of a suit being tested in North Korea as the tester implodes. Stark sarcastically comments on the failed test. Same with Japan, China, Germany, etc. Stark points out that even the US is at it. Hammer defends his tests.
Stark says he is a nuclear deterrent.
Stark: "I don't know if I'm a sword or a shield, but I do know Hammer is a tool"

Cut to Russia.
Ivan is making his own arc reactor. Now only 3 exist in the world.
Ivan had met with a Mongolian to see if the Ten Rings would help him.

Pepper invites Rhodey to ride back on the plane with Stark.
Stark and Rhodey don't speak the entire flight.
Stark miffed asked why he's not with Hammer's flight.
Rhodey miffed that classified footage was shown on national tv (the testing)
Stalemate results in Pepper going over Tony's schedule. She recommends cancelling the Monaco Race.
Stark insists on going so he can race his car.
Rhodey: "You left a vacuum, Hammer filled it."

Cut to Russia.
Ivan meeting with the Mongolian.
He's buying a fake badge for the Monaco Race where he plans to kill Stark on tv.

Ivan working on his whips. Decides to poke fun at Stark with his own chest arc reactor.
Tests out the whip by slicing the tv that was broadcasting the Senate meeting in half.

Cut to Stark in his lab experimenting with Jarvis and the other bots.
Stark is concerned at purple lines near his reactor. Blends a palladium shake which he drinks.
Looking for a new power source for the RT.
Pepper comes down to the lab.
Pepper: "What were you thinking?"
Stark: "Just now? If a Fruit Loop was the size of a washing machine would I be able to take a bite out of it?"
Stark donated his art collection to the Boy Scouts worth $608 million dollars.
Stark says "Think fast" and tosses the Tech Ball at Pepper. She tries to catch it but it envelops her hand.
Pepper doesn't want to play, wants to go over business. Stark tells her to make executive decisions.
Stark says "Admit it, you think you run the company better than I do." Pepper: "Yes, yes I do."
He makes her CEO. Toasts her with champagne.
He wants to regain control of his life by giving up this stuff.

Cut to boxing arena where he blows off steam boxing with Happy.
He's learning how to box poorly from Happy.
Pepper shows up with notary to make the transfer official.
Tony invites notary to step in with Happy for a free lesson while they take care of business.
Notary says she's "Natalie Rushman" and has some martial arts exposure.
Stark is smitten. Pepper goes over her resume. She knows multiple languages.
Pepper is ready to wrap things up, frustratedly calls Natalie. Company is now hers.

Cut to Monaco.
Paparazzi is waiting. Happy, Pepper and Stark arrive. Natalie is there in a cocktail dress.
They move to the bar and order. Pepper's French isn't fluent, and Natalie takes over, she's miffed.
Hammer is here and loudly calls out "Tony!" Accompanying him is Christine Everhart from the first film.
Christine is happy to get the scoop on Pepper's promo, Stark and Hammer meeting for the first time since the Senate meeting, etc.
Hammer's contract is cancelled/on hold because of the test footage Tony showed.
Hammer says he has something to show at Starks Expo. Stark blows him off, says he'll see him in 2033.
Christine interviews Hammer. Hammer wants to talk about him, not Stark. Christine blows him off for the race.

Pepper is jealous. She notes Natalie's phone ring, the number showing 000-000-0000. She ignores it. Pepper says she should get it.
Natalie says it' her dad. Tells her dad that Stark landed, etc. Pepper miffed that she is giving out Stark' itinerary.
Conversation is cut short when Stark gets into the racer. She berate Natalie for losing Stark and for her to find Happy immediately.

Ivan arrives and blows up a car.
Stark is concentrating on beating Hammer's car.
Pepper finds Happy who has the suitcase armor chained to his arm.
Ivan slices the front of Tony's car.
Pepper and Happy steal a limo and race to Stark's rescue.
Stark hits Ivan across the face with car wreckage.
Happy confesses he always loved Pepper when she fishes for the key to the suitcase from Happy's pocket.
Happy swings the limo around to smack Ivan who is unharmed.
Pepper tosses Stark the suit. Stark puts it on and stops Ivan.
Stark takes Ivan's RT and wants to look at it immediately. He's in a panic.

Cut to police station.
They let him talk to Ivan before Interpol shows up.
stark compliments him on the RT, implies he bought it, as he doesn't believe Ivan could have made it.
Ivan says it was from Anton, angrily. He says he knows the RT is killing Stark.
Times up.
Ivan : "If you can make God bleed, people stop believing in Him"
The guard that shows up to take him, is part of Ten Rings as evidenced by the tattoo on his neck.

In his cell, the guard gives him juice and mashed potatoes. He realizes it's plastic explosive from the timer attached. Ivan kills his bunkmate and blows up the cell.
The implication is that his unknown benefactor is faking his death. He's captured and a hood placed over his head. He has no intention of sharing the arc reactor.

Hammer has broken Ivan out of jail. Invites him to dine with him. Wants to do business with him.
He says the way to get to him isn't to kill him, but to go after his legacy. Ivan and Hammer find common ground.

Cut to Stark at his house. Jarvis tells him that Ivan has been killed.
Pepper and Natalie are upstairs discussing business. AP wants a comment on Monaco events.
Rhodey shows up. Heads downstairs.
Rhodey says Stark said it'd be 20 years before someone came up with RT tech. Angry that someone did it yesterday.
He says the government will show up to take it soon as a result.
Stark slumps. Rhodey concerned. stark pours himself a shot of tequilla.
AP wants a statement. Stark says, "Iron Man won. Other guy is toast"
Stark has a rash on his neck. Rhodey asks what it is.

Cut to Ivan and Hammer in limo. Hammer has a lab for Ivan. Hammer shows him all the drones and tell him he needs an engine to make them run.
Hammer can't find test subjects. Ivan thinks Hammer is an idiot. Hammer's goal is a contract with the Pentagon.

Cut to Stark who keeps testing himself. He's being poisoned by the leaking palladium. Natalie shows up to get him ready for a party. She sees the rash spreading. Stark is worried he's going to die, so he throws a birthday party to take his mind off things. To get drunk and forget.

Cut to Pepper who shows up at the party. Stark has a gauntlet wired from his chest and placed it on Natalie's hand. They destroy an ice sculpture with it.
Pepper is upset. Tony is helping some blonde hover in air. Pepper has Rhodey go to talk to Stark. Rhodey is angry the military can't have the suit but drunk party girls get to use it. Tony agrees.
He takes the girl to the bedroom.

45 minutes later, Stark in full armor is saying, "PULL!" and firing at glasses being thrown in the air.

Stark: "Rhodie, DJ, ladies and gentlemen. Ms. Potts. I've had too many secrets and its time to reveal the most intimate details about myself. You know, the question I get the most from people about this suit is, Tony how the hell do you go to the bathroom in that suit?"
(long pause) Everyone leans forward. Suspense builds.
Stark: "Just like that."

Pepper worried. Stark does a Gallagher routine. Pepper shuts down the party. She hands him the mic, and he agrees and then announces the after party.

Rhodes left and put on the Mark II suit. Tony is drinking while in the suit from a bottle. Stark asks the DJ to put on some music to kick Rhodey's ass.

Happy shows up and catches the tail end of a phone conversation with Natalie. She says, ".. should move in now! He's vulnerable!" as Stark and Rhodey crash through the wall.

Rhodey flies off with the Mark II and goes to the Air Force Base.

Cut to the next morning. Stark is in the doughnut. Fury shows up and tells him to get down. Invites him down for coffee.
Stark doesn't take him seriously. Fury slaps him in the face hard. Natalie shows up in her bodysuit. Stark says she is so fired.
She introduces herself as Natasha Romanoff, embedded for six months ever since Fury knew Stark was sick. They say it looks like Stark is preparing to die, giving away the company, etc.

Stark : "What do you want from me?"
Fury : "What do I want from YOU? What do YOU want from ME?"
Fury : "You're becoming a real problem. A problem I now have to deal with. And believe it or not, you're not the biggest issue I've got in the Southwestern sector."
Fury orders Natasha to inject him.
It temporary cures him, alleviating his symptoms.

Fury says the RT was unfinished. Howard knew it was a stepping stone to a energy arms race.

Anton wanted to use it to get rich. Howard had him deported. When he couldn't deliver to the Russians, they put him in prison.

Stark : "Hey Obi-One Eye.."

Fury says Howard was a founding member of SHIELD.

Fury : "I got my eye on you."

Fury assigns Natasha and Coulson to Stark to keep him on site and sober.

Stark : "If it's going down like this -- I mean if I get to do this whole celebrity rehab thing, I'm going to need a shiatsu massage and whatever is next on my Netflix."

Cut to Rhodey. He has the military upgrading the suit for weaponizing purposes. They want to reverse engineer it. They call Hammer to outfit the suit with guns.
Rhodey says he wants everything on the suit.

Cut to Stark watching footage of his dad. Howard is leaving messages to Tony who is still an infant.

Howard: "I've created so much in my life, but you know the thing I'm most proudest of? You. My son."

Stark gets a hunch and heads to Stark Industries. Pepper is trying to get the suit back. Stark shows up with strawberries. She says she's allergic. He knew it was something about her and strawberries.
Natalie shows up and tells Stark to go home. Stark looks down at his desk and notices the layout of the buildings at Stark Industries. It's arranged the ways an atom in a certain molecule are.

Stark goes home and starts smashing walls with a sledgehammer.

Cut to Rhodey presenting the upgraded Mark II. He wanted it to be a shield, not a sword and stresses to only use the suit when necessary. General wants to show it off immediately because Stark is unable to defend the world.

Cut back to Stark who is building something with lasers and a centrifuge. Jarvis analyzes the molecule. Unknown element, similar to Vibernum, Uranium and Ourains. Jarvis projects an image of endless interlocking triangles forming a circle. He dubs it Vibranium. Stark creates some and pour it into a mold.

Cut to Ivan and Hammer. Hammer wants to show it off. Hammer confesses he doesn't trust Ivan.

Cut back to Stark ready to test out his new triangular RT. He gets an incoming teleconference call from Hammer Industries. It's Ivan.
Ivan says today is the day Stark learns he's a thief. Ivan blows him a kiss.

Cut to Pepper, Happy and Natasha at Stark Expo. Stark calls Natasha and says Ivan is at Hammer Industries. Natasha calls Fury to have him lock down the expo. Happy sees and is suspicious.

Cut to Stark who has Jarvis remove the old RT and install the new one. It works, he seems cured.

Cut to Ivan who has built himself a suit of armor. Designed to defend user against whip attacks and energy/projectile attacks from Stark.

Cut to Hammer at Stark Expo. He presents War Machine. Then he presents his drone army. Iron Man shows up.
All 32 drones train their weapons on Iron Man. Then War Machine. Rhodey is shocked. Hammer is shocked. Ivan's revenge. Tony takes off and is chased.
Expo is shut down.

Rhodey tells Stark he can't control the suit. Banter back and forth. Happy you stole the suit now? Agree to clear the air once they wrap this up.

SHIELD moves in to stop Ivan. Counteracting blog stories. Etc.

Natasha has Happy drive her to Hammer Industries. She strips to underwear. Happy asks her to level with him about who she's calling. She says she's a secret agent of SHIELD as she gets into her suit.

Cut back to Jarvis trying to hack the War Machine suit.

Cut to Pepper chasing after Hammer trying to stop him. Confesses he doesn't want Tony dead just embarassed. Says Ivan is the one trying to kill him. Claims he's innocent and Ivan approached him and he refused.

Cut to Stark and Rhodey bantering. Stark says Hammer broke out Ivan. Rhodey feels even worse. Stark dives through the A in STARK Industries, drones can't handle it and crash.

Ivan arrives at the Expo.

Natasha and Happy arrive at Hammer Labs. Happy insists on accompanying Natasha. Happy punches from guards.

Cut to War Machine/Iron Man chase. Iron Man brakes and swings War Machine into an overpass abutment.

More banter as Jarvis keeps hacking. Rhodey lays blame on this due to Stark's drinking. Jarvis succeeds and Stark spikes the back of Rhodey's suit rebooting it.

They're in a Zen Garden. Natasha contacts Tony and says Ivan is gone. Drones now arrive.

Cut to Pepper and Coulson chasing Hammer.

Ivan arrives between her and Coulson.

Ivan sends video footage of captured Pepper to Stark who takes off after him. Rhodey is tasked with taking care of the drones. Rhodey says he'll pick up the ex-wife on the way. Tony gets out of the suit, to take the place of Pepper.

Ivan starts ranting doing the bad guy monologue thing. Pepper tries to get Tony's attention. She has the Tech Ball in her purse. She throws it at Ivan and it envelops his hand like it did hers.

Rhodey shows up with Ex-Wife (a missile? smart guidance jet) and picks up Stark and Pepper.

Ivan is dead by fire/explosion. Pepper berates Tony for taking off the suit. Pepper quits as CEO. Wants a raise. Stark asks how she can have the nerve after being kidnapped, threatened, etc.

Rhodey says he's traumatized, and may take the suit to make the bad memories go away and to feel better.

Rhodes: "When Iron Man takes the day off, I'll step in."

Rhodes excuses himself to hide the suit from the higher ups and to come up with some excuse.

Stark comments on seeing the suit take off. He's never seen it and that it's wicked cool."

Many thanks to SHH member Cth for taking the time to both accumulate and share these notes! I know I wouldn't have the patience to do the former.

MPP - Well, it sure does seem like Justin Hammer is a member of the Ten Rings; which would prove my earlier assumption that he is another of the Mandarin's ring-bearers!

Also, no Extremis = a smart move. That storyline shouldn't be touched upon yet in the films (if ever).
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