Gary Oldman in Iron Man 2?

Gary Oldman in Iron Man 2?

News and photos from the set of Iron Man 2 started leaking out on Monday and today it was revealed that brilliant character actor Gary Oldman visited the set.

Insider sources on the Iron Man 2 set recently reported a visit by Garry Shandling, the hilarious actor and comedian of It’s Garry Shandling’s Show and the satirical late night talk show spoof, The Larry Sanders Show. It has been rumored that Shandling will appear as Senator Stern, the character in the X-Men mythos who uses his political power to champion the Mutant Registration Act.

Now, according to IESB, Gary Oldman, the chameleonic actor who became famous playing gruesome villains in True Romance, The Professional and The Fifth Element, and who recently portrayed Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight, has been spotted on the set. There was no speculation about what character (if any) Oldman will portray or how long he will be on set, especially considering the fact that he is currently filming The Book of Eli.

This wouldn’t be the first time that an actor appearing in a major motion picture based upon a character from one of the "big two" comic book companies made the leap to a film based on a character from the competition. James Marsden portrayed Marvel Comics’ Cyclops in all three X-Men films and then appeared in DC Comics’ Superman Returns as Lois Lane’s love interest.

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