EDITORIAL: Top "Must Haves" for the Justice League Movie

EDITORIAL: Top "Must Haves" for the Justice League Movie

What I believe a Justice League movie must have to be a success.

As I'm sure most, if not all, of you have heard the news that DC Comics and Warner Brothers have finally decided to commit to make a Justice League movie after the success of the Avengers. Here are the top 5 things I think are necessary for this film.

1. The Original Seven -
The original 7, and founding, members of the JLA include Clark Kent/Kal-El aka Superman, Bruce Wayne aka Batman, Diana (or Diana Prince) aka Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern, Barry Allen aka The Flash, Arthur (A.C.) Curry/Orin aka Aquaman, and J'onn J'onzz/John Jones aka the Martian Manhunter (or the Manhunter from Mars). These 7 started something that changed the history of comics forever. Yes, the JSA and the Invaders were there first, but they were lost to time after World War II. The Justice League was the team that protected the world, not just one side. I think that in order to please fans (such as myself), DC and the WB need to examine what made this team great, and I believe it starts with these 7 heroes. Now, in the Post-Flashpoint continuity aka the New 52 (ugh!), Geoff Johns has replaced Martian Manhunter with a Teen Titan known as Cyborg. My fear is that Cyborg will be in the JLA movie instead of our favorite Martian. Without the original seven members, the JLA wouldn't exist, and I think that that would be a great disservice if their own movie didn't include those founding members, ALL of them.

2. Stay true to the characters -
Superman is the noble hero who will sacrifice himself for anyone, even the enemy, but he's also a powerhouse capable of leveling cities in a split second. Batman is a master statagist, detective, and fighter. He also is very paranoid and only trusts Superman. He also is able to make subtle jokes, something Nolan forgot. Wonder Woman is a strong woman. She, like Superman but not nearly as strong, is a powerhouse, but she also loves all creation and cares for all of it's people. That is not to say her fighting skills match even Batman's and she is a warrior in her own right. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) wields the most powerful weapon in the universe. He's headstrong, cocky, and doesn't like being told what to do, but he also will never let an innocent life be put in danger and has more willpower than any other hero combined. Flash (Barry Allen) is a police scientist, so he has an interest and knowledge of crime. He doesn't like being called a "vigilante" and makes sure that he never breaks the laws he swore to uphold. Aquaman is king of the seas, he's a king so he wants to always be respected, but he's also protective over the surface world as he's an outcast of his own. Martian Manhunter is basically Superman and Batman combined, but he keeps to himself. He never takes credit for his feats, yet makes sure he has a say in any situation.

These are the traits that make the members of the JLA who they are. This is something that hurt Superman Returns, Green Lantern, and the Wonder Woman pilot of 2010. If the characters don't act like themselves (like "bad-boy" Superman in the New 52...) then it's destined to fail.

3. World-Wide Threat -
Now, yes, Loki and his army were a threat to the world, ultimately, but in the Avengers, the villain struck out because of a previous vendetta. In the JLA movie, we need a villain that doesn't need to attack the heroes personally, but can bring them together in a way like Geoff Johns' Justice League: "Origin" did. Personally, I want Darkseid as the main villain for the JLA movie, but I think if they did Lex Luthor and made him President of the USA, I think that could be good. Darkseid to me seems like the most logical choice, especially after Origins, but I could also see them going the route of Brainiac or White Martians as well.

4. Reference to the DC Universe -
This one is kind of a given. If 7 heroes team up to fight a villain bigger than themselves then of course there would be a universe beyond them. Amanda Waller would be a good one to have in this movie. Lex Luthor, Abin Sur, Alfred, Wally West, Tom Curry, Mars references would be good! Right? Also, there needs to be back-story to the characters, they can't just all show up! Bruce needs to mention his parents death, Clark needs to reference that he's from Krypton and that he's a country boy, Diana needs to talk about the Island, stuff like that. Hal could talk about "not being as good as his predecessor", Barry could say something about not wanting to be hit by lightning again. Obviously if Aquaman and J'onn are in the movie, we'll get some mentions of Atlantis and Mars. The Avengers did a great job recapping the characters origins and situations in their movie, why can't the Justice League?

Also, if they didn't want to "waist time" on origin stuff, then have Alex Ross or Jim Lee (preferably Ross) draw the origins and put them in the Main Titles Raimi Spider-Man style!

5. Leave it open for spin-offs and sequels -
If only a Justice League movie was made, then how can you measure it's success, especially against the Avengers?!?! If Man of Steel starts this "JLA Movie Franchise", then we know there will be more. Heck, if Green Lantern started it and they make a GL2 that's better than GL by a lot, I'll be happy as a lark! But WB should not make the mistake of just making one movie. Spin off origin movies afterwards would be good. I want to see Wonder Woman and Flash (along with GL2 and Aquaman) soon, don't you? And a Batman reboot? Just put him in Justice League and give him and Superman a World's Finest movie together, then we don't have to mess with Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy just yet.

These are my thoughts guys, I'm sure we all have a lot more where this came from, comments are welcomed as always and until next time!
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