SPOILERS: JUSTICE LEAGUE - Every Scene In The Trailers And TV Spots Missing From Movie (And There's A Lot)

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> JUSTICE LEAGUE - Every Scene In The Trailers And TV Spots Missing From Movie (And There's A Lot)

Joss Whedon made some huge changes to Justice League and we've scoured through every single TV spot and trailer to find the scenes in those which were missing from the movie itself. Prepare to be shocked!

Before Justice League was released, there were conflicting reports about the extent of Joss Whedon's reshoots. However, upon seeing the movie, it's clear that he probably changed a good 40 - 60% of the movie and that's evident not only from Superman's weird CGI jaw but the wealth of missing scenes. 

We've gone through every single trailer and TV spot released for the movie up until the 17th (and there were a lot considering the fact the first teaser was released during last year's San Diego Comic-Con) and found each and every scene from those which didn't make it into the final cut. When we recently did the same for Thor: Ragnarok, we struggled to come up with six; Justice League has waaay more!

In fact, we lost count along the way and even came across important pieces of dialogue which were left out. Some scenes were relatively minor and others would have had huge ramifications for the future of the DC Films Universe but pretty much all of these would have been awesome to see on the big screen!

So, from a big Superman moment to Cyborg's transformation, read on to find all these missing scenes!

To view the list of scenes in its entirety, simply click on the VIEW LIST (ONE PAGE) button below!

"He Said You'd Come"

This scene got everyone talking, with speculation running rampant that Alfred could be addressing anyone from Superman to Green Lantern. Unfortunately, with no sign of the scene in Justice League, we'll never know but it's possible it was Wonder Woman or even Lois Lane and that this was removed to make either one of their entrances a little more surprising for moviegoers.

Cyborg Takes To The Skies

To be fair to Justice League, we got to see a fair bit of Cyborg in action and his powers were definitely explored in a pretty satisfying way. However, we have no clue why this pretty awesome shot of the hero taking to the skies is gone but it could be that his armour covering his face like that was a little too close to Iron Man, a comparison which has been made from fairly early on by many fans.

"No Lanterns"

While we see a member of the Green Lantern Corps in a flashback, Steppenwolf's line about the Earth no longer being under the protection of a Green Lantern is gone, most likely due to the fact Warner Bros. hasn't quite figured out what they're planning on doing with Hal Jordan and company somewhere down the line. 

The Third Mother Box

Silas Stone returning home to find a glowing Mother Box before he's kidnapped by a Parademon has vanished. Instead, he just thinks that Victor trashed the place and is quickly abducted. Later in the film, Cyborg goes to retrieve the Box from an unknown hiding place (he won't even tell his father where it is) and the team then uses that to bring Superman back from the dead before Steppenwolf finally manages to get his hands on it. 

Arthur Curry Hitches A Ride

I'm not sure where this scene was supposed to go but with Willem Dafoe's Vulko completely dropped from the movie, it's clear that we were at one point going to get a lot more Aquaman in Justice League.

"I'll Take That As A Yes"

In Justice League, the newly resurrected Clark takes Lois away from Metropolis and back to Kent Farm but the movie's final trailer made it appear as if their first meeting since his return actually took place much later in the film. Regardless, this entire scene has been ditched for one which was clearly reshot as there's no mention of Lois accepting his marriage proposal and Clark's mouth looks terrible throughout.

A Minor But Potentially Major Change

Warner Bros. spoiled pretty much the entirety of Commissioner Gordon's scenes in the trailers for the movie but this minor change may have major ramifications for Batman's future. In the footage released online, Jim says to Batman that it's good to see him playing well with others again but that word is abruptly dropped from the final cut, therefore removing the possibility the Dark Knight may have had allies in the past or that he fell out with Nightwing as has been previously rumoured.

A Lot Less Cyborg

Ray Fisher has already confirmed that flashbacks to his character's past were left on the cutting room floor but there were some other fairly significant looking scenes also lost. One appears to be him returning home after his father was abducted and looking out of the broken window (there is a version of this but it's very different) but the other is even bigger as he wields two awesome looking cannons rather confidently.

Bruce Wayne Broods

There's plenty of shots of Batman brooding in Justice League but this particular one where he's looking at what appears to be a hologram of Superman vanished in the final cut and without any additional context in regards to what might have been happening in this scene, it's hard to say why. 

Aquaman Skewers A Parademon

Much of the final act appears to have been changed (something which makes sense if rumours Zack Snyder intended on leaving Superman evil for almost the entire film are accurate) but this amazing shot being left on the cutting room floor is a huge surprise, especially when it's been used so heavily in marketing and is such an awesome piece of imagery involving Aquaman. 

The League's Feet

Bit of a random one this but this very Snyder-esque shot of the League arriving one by one at Superman's monument has been cut for a far more straightforward shot of them all looking up at the Man of Steel. 

"We Do This Together"

Wonder Woman saying this to her fellow heroes beneath Gotham is removed but the line is recycled a little later on during the final battle with Steppenwolf. A minor change but one which points to more big changes being made to the movie. Going back to the former sequence, it's also worth noting that the shot of the team climbing the stairs we saw in a behind the scenes sizzle reel is also gone. 

The Age Of Heroes

Diana Prince tells Bruce Wayne about the age of heroes when she's describing the first time Steppenwolf invaded the Earth but this admittedly quite clunky line of dialogue about that age needing to come again has been removed, probably because this conversation was switched from taking place in the Batcave to the lake near Wayne Manor.

Barry Allen Races Into Action

This looked like a very cool sequence showing off Barry Allen's powers as he smashes through some glass and a leaked deleted scene has revealed that he rushes outside to save Iris West from dying in a car crash. However, with that character's cameo cut and less time spent focusing on each team member's life away from the League, this probably just ended up getting lost in the shuffle somewhere.

Heroes United

It's possible that this was just one of those awesome scenes made for the trailer like that shot of The Revengers lining up in Thor: Ragnarok but this scene is totally different in Justice League as Wonder Woman leaps into action against Steppenwolf alone while Aquaman and Cyborg are elsewhere.

"World Without Hope"

There's been a lot of talk about bringing more optimism and hope to the DC Films Universe so it's hardly a surprise that a newspaper featuring a bleak headline like that didn't make the final cut!

Bruce And Diana Team Up

While Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince still work together to unite the League, that now plays out much differently and the two of them no longer talk about Batman's failure to get Aquaman to join their cause. That's strange too, especially as this scene was pretty funny and would have fit in with the lighter tone Whedon gave the movie. 

Cyborg Flashbacks

Zack Snyder clearly intended on showing us Cyborg's origin story as shots of him playing football and walking around looking very human are gone. Ray Fisher has mentioned that the movie was at one point going to feature scenes with his mother, so chances are that an earlier cut would have devoted a fair bit of time to shed some light on Victor Stone's life before his transformation. 

The Flash Takes Down A Parademon

Barry Allen mentions that he's only ever shoved some people and run away and that's exactly what he does to this Parademon but the sequence has been changed to him now rescuing civilians instead.

Mera Walks On Land

This isn't technically a scene from the trailers but a photo shared by director Zack Snyder on the Icelandic coast showed Mera on land, a sequence which was obviously ditched in preference of her meeting Arthur Curry beneath the sea. This probably has something to do with the direction Aquaman will take! 

Cyborg Separates The Mother Boxes

This shot definitely points to Victor Stone being the one responsible for separating the Mother Boxes rather than needing Superman's help, something which makes sense considering the fact Zack Snyder once described him as the heart of the movie. Him teaming up with the Man of Steel was no bad thing but must have been the result of Joss Whedon's shaking up that final act. 

Barry Allen Gets Focused

Another minor shot but one which looked pretty cool in the trailers and was nowhere to be found in Justice League. Perhaps this was where Barry gained a greater control over his powers for the final battle against Steppenwolf? If so, Joss Whedon clearly changed that so he didn't become truly confident in his abilities until nearer the end of the movie and that's not the worst decision to be fair.

Red Skies

A very brief shot barely worth mentioning, Steppenwolf looking up to the red sky as the Parademons fly away was cut but we still get red skies and I don't think this sequence was otherwise changed all that much. 

"You Should Probably Move"

During the battle with Superman, a masked Cyborg leaps into action to save a police offer from an incoming vehicle which has been thrown in his direction before saying, "You should probably move." The Man of Steel putting someone's life at risk clearly isn't something Joss Whedon wanted to show and seeing as Cyborg's mask has also been ditched, this going missing does add up. 

Batman And Cyborg's First Meeting

In this version of Justice League, Cyborg stalks Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince for a while and quickly figures out that the former also happens to be Batman. However, in an early trailer for the movie it appeared as if their first meeting took place when they head underground to find Steppenwolf as the exchange which ends with Batman saying "I'm real when it's useful" is gone and that definitely points to some major changes being made with Victor Stone's introduction.

"My Turn"

When Batman leaps into the Nightcrawler in the trailers, he says "My turn!" before taking the fight to Steppenwolf. That's been replaced in the Justice League we ended up getting as he instead chooses to make a wisecrack about not having a sword and then observes that the villain really is as tall as Barry Allen pointed out a little earlier in the movie. 

The Dark Knight

A version of this amazing shot can be seen in Justice League but the hero is obscured by a sheet of some sort as Jim Gordon looks up at him. It's such a gorgous piece of imagery but one which may have been used solely for the trailers due to it being a very marketable shot of the Dark Knight.

Did you notice any other scenes from the trailers and TV spots which failed to make it into the final cut of Justice League? Let us know your thoughts on that in the comments section down below.
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