The Other JUSTICE LEAGUE Post-Credits Scene Has LEAKED And It's Seriously Awesome

The Other JUSTICE LEAGUE Post-Credits Scene Has <font color=red>LEAKED</font> And It's Seriously Awesome

If you're attempting to avoid spoilers for Justice League before Friday, you'll want to turn away now as another of the movie's after-credits scenes has leaked and it features a moment fans will adore.

Fan screenings for Justice League have clearly started taking place in some parts of the world as a number of clips from the movie have started popping up on social media. That's going to make avoiding spoilers pretty damn tricky but if you don't care and want to know about another of the movie's after-credits scenes, then keep on reading! Are you still with us? Good, because it's awesome.

While there have been rumours that one of the scenes would set up the events of Aquaman next year, the reality is that it features a race between Superman and the Flash (the whole thing feels very Joss Whedon-y). As the Man of Steel teases Barry Allen that a loss will lead to him being kicked off the team, we see the two heroes speed away but don't appear to learn who ultimately wins this battle. 

Superman and the Flash racing each other has become a staple of the DC Comics Universe over the years so seeing it in live-action is a treat and this scene looks fantastic. Of course, the best way to watch this is going to be in a theater on Friday but these clips offer at least an idea of what to expect!

To view the first part of the clip, click HERE. The second part can then be found by clicking HERE.
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