Mark Millar And Steve McNiven's Nemesis Gets Animated!

Mark Millar And Steve McNiven's <i>Nemesis</i> Gets Animated!

Can't wait until Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's fantastic series hits the big screen? Well, hit the jump to take a look at this ultra-violent motion comic style animation that one clever fan has come up with...

Although we've seen many comic books recieve the motion comic treatment by Marvel in the past couple of years, it would seem that fans are now coming up with their own versions as the following video shows. A big screen adaptation of Nemesis is currently in the works (with Tony Scott set to direct) but until then, here's an animated preview of what we can expect!

Deceit - Badman Silence from Richard Payne on Vimeo.

Deceit - Badman Silence

by Richard Payne

Work in progress - Motion Comic music video for producer 'Deceit'

Created by scanning, art working then animating the pages of Mark Millar's 'Nemesis' Comics.

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