Tony Scott In Talks To Direct The Nemesis?

Tony Scott In Talks To Direct The <i>Nemesis</i>?

It looks like that director Tony Scott is set to direct the Nemesis, a comic book series created by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. Check it out!

According to Bleeding Cool, director Tony Scott (Man on Fire, Top Gun) is being mentioned as a top choice to direct the upcoming comic book film the Nemesis. The comic book series was created by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven.

From Bleeding Cool:

"I’m told that the announcement is definitely Nemesis being optioned and a director to be named.

The name most mentioned is that it is Tony Scott, director of movies such as Top Gun and Beverley Hills Cop II, is to direct the movie based on his comic book with Steve McNiven, Nemesis, currently on its second issue."

Now, there were a lot of rumors on this subject. The very first one was that Mark Millar himself will direct the movie but it looks like that after a lot of talking and meetings Tony Scott is the front runner to direct it.

Also, here is a description of the comic series thanks to ComicVine:

Mark Millar's creation, a combination of Batman meets the Joker. The most intelligent man in the world, and the only super villain. Nemesis' goal, to turn the lives of the best cops in the world into a nightmare. In response to Officer Blake Morrow imprisoning his parents for a hunting game involving runaway teenagers and their rich friends, and therefore robbing young Matthew Anderson of a normal childhood, Nemesis' ultimate goal is to destroy now Police Chief Morrow and everything he holds dear.

Wolvie09: I've never read this series, but it sounds pretty good. Even though it is not official, I can see Scott directing this. What are your thoughts?

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