Check Out ComicBookMovie's Weekly Roundup From Last Week's Top News Articles!

Check Out ComicBookMovie's Weekly Roundup From Last Week's Top News Articles!'s "The Weekly Roundup" is back with the TOP 3 news articles from the past seven days. Hit the jump to check out stories about Logan, The Inhumans, and Thor Ragnarok...

Entertainment news about our favorite comic book superheroes' transition to the big and small screen comes at us fast. In fact, you'd need The Flash's superspeed just to keep up with all the exciting announcements, so we here at ComicBookMovie want to make sure you didn't miss some last week's biggest headlines.

THOR: RAGNAROK: Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster, Bruce Banner, Hela, Loki And More Revealed In 9 New Images 
Entertainment Weekly has released the first official images from Thor: Ragnarok and they're quite a bit different to what we're used to from the franchise! The colours used here are startling, and while almost all of the scenes appear to be set in The Grandmaster's arena, it definitely appears as if director Taika Waititi has gone for a bright palette when coming up with this movie's look.

First Look At Black Bolt And Lockjaw On The Set Of MARVEL'S THE INHUMANS
On the subject of first looks, while not official, the first photos from The Inhumans have surfaced, giving us our first glimpse of Anton Mount suited up as Black Bolt. Unfortunately, it appears as if Marvel has decided to do away with the character's somewhat iconic mask. Looking at the suit itself, it's clear to see that it's inspired by BB's  comic book costume as the zig zag design has been lifted straight from the source material.

SPOILERS: LOGAN Director James Mangold Revealed The Movie's Ending In THE WOLVERINE 
And finally, while we got our first look at one new superhero, we said goodbye to a longtime fan favorite. Logan brought Hugh Jackman's tenure as Wolverine to an end, but it appears James Mangold actually revealed the movie's ending way back in 2013. Yukio, who can see the future, tells Wolverine that, "I see you on your back, there’s blood everywhere. You’re holding your own heart in your hand." A scene like that plays out later in the movie but after one fan compared that prophecy to how the hero dies in Logan, it turns out that the director may have had Wolverine's demise on his mind four years before that was released!

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