CONTEST: Win $500 for your Quality Content on in September!!!

CONTEST: Win $500 for your Quality Content on in September!!!

Produce the most popular editorial, review, preview, interview, top ten list, primer, satire, or fluff piece, (basically anything but breaking news) in the month of September and you could win HALF A GRAND for your efforts!

Attention all decent writers! Throughout the month of September, your submitted content will be automatically entered to win $500 (US) CASH MONEY!!!

This contest is open to all contributors on Anyone of any ability and of any country can compete for the prize. The only restrictions are that your content be non-breaking news, and at least 500 words in length. (That is to keep the speedy uploader of the latest movie trailer from automatically winning.)

There is no restriction on the number of articles you may write during the month. Every (quality) article you write will increase your chances of winning. At the end of the month, we will check the number of views of all articles submitted in September and the author of the most popular one will win the $500 dollars. That's it!

Here are the rules:

  1. In order for your content to be considered, it MUST be one of the following: Editorial, Interview, Review/Preview, Feature (a "feature" is simply any non-news fluff piece such as a Top 10 List, History/Primer, Character Guide, etc.) Even fan fic will be allowed, although no fan casts or fan art will be considered. We'll have an art contest another time. This is a writing contest.
  2. Your content MUST relate to comics or comic book movies.
  3. Your content should be at least 500 words in length.
  4. Your content MUST be your own. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and your account will immediately be disabled if you do not produce your own work.
  5. Your content MUST be new work posted here on and not previously posted material from your "blog" or another website. "Unique" content only.

Every view will get you closer to that $500 dollars! Here are some ways to "popularize" your articles.

  • First and foremost... Write about something interesting with wide appeal. Remember to keep the comics and comic book movie theme.
  • Write well. Use a spell check, proper grammar, applicable images, and pleasing layout. No matter how interesting the topic, poorly written articles are not going to help you. Spend time making them look good.
  • Get other users to vote your article to the homepage (the red glove at the bottom of your article), OR email Galactus ([email protected]) to check out your article and judge it to be worthy of the main.(Note: Promotion in chat or in comments will be allowed, but do not make a nuisance of yourself and be labeled a spammer. Users who abuse this allowance will be removed.)
  • Alert your family, friends and social media of your article.

GOOD LUCK! We will announce the winner on the last day of the month.

(Note: Help us keep this contest fair. Report plagiarism or attempts to game the system at [email protected])
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