EDITORIAL: Will We Ever Get A New Punisher Movie?

EDITORIAL: Will We Ever Get A New Punisher Movie?

With Marvel gearing up for phase 2 of their cinematic universe and Thomas Jane releasing his Punisher fan film... is a Punisher movie far behind?

Will we ever see another Punisher film?

There are multiple reasons for this question...

1) Disney's ownership of Marvel: Would Disney sign off on a film based on such a strange mix? "A great bloody action film about a mass murdering Hero whose power is a huge arsenal of guns! …brought to you by Disney :)"

2)Thomas Jane who has been a fan favorite for the role of Frank Castle released his fan film; "Dirty Laundry". Along with the reveal of this amazing short film we got this quote from Jane: "My interest has always been based more in reality than in superhero fiction…The strengths of ‘The Punisher’ that I did lie in the reality that we were able to bring to the character, and the weaknesses of ‘The Punisher’ I did were all based on people trying to make this a ‘comic book movie’—with funny characters and goofball s–t that has no place in a ‘Punisher’ film."
While I LOVE Thomas Jane's Punisher it's obvious that he wants an unconnected film from the rest of the cinematic universe... This leads us to hindrance #3.

3) MARVEL has worked incredibly hard to create a unified cinematic universe that all connect to one another. Even if they were willing to look outside of their established universe... they are spending every available resource and talent making the MCU the best it can be, therefore any side project would get minimal attention and resources and that would lead us to yet another [email protected]$$ Punisher film.

Can they overcome these hindrances?

1) DISNEY – This is not as BIG of a hindrance as you might think. Disney owns several movie companies and they have no problem producer hard R rated films (Miramax for instance). With the right script and the right pitch that would convince the powers that be at Disney that it would be profitable… not just the film but the marketing and branding then they would be all over it.

2) Thomas Jane IS MY PICK for Frank Castle… however I believe that we will have to pass Jane by for this role. The only way to get The Punisher made correctly and with the budget it needs we will have to see him join the MCU (more on that in point #3). Even if Jane was willing to go this route I’m not sure that I want him in a “Comic Book Universe” when he has obvious distain for “trying to make this a ‘comic book movie”.

3) Now, here’s the BIG one. How does Frank Castle fit into this huge MCU? How can one guy with a gun make a dent on this huge and (thanks to phase two) cosmic Cinematic Universe? Easy. There has been one man that has truly connected the MCU from the beginning… Ironically enough this guy also has a huge past with our favorite anti hero; Frank Castle.

Nick Fury

Here are the top 5 ways that this needs to playout to work in the Marvel MCU:

1)Frank Castle and Nick Fury both served together in the military. They have a rich history that can be mapped out throughout the MCU via flashbacks.

2) To stay in the spirit of the MCU tie-ins we need an after credit scene. The scene should layout like this:

Maria Hill runs into Nick Fury’s office.
MH: “Sir, you’re going to want to see this!”

They walk into the shield conference room only to see (whatever carnage from the end of the Punisher film that occurs).

MH: “I’ve already run the intel sir. His name is…”

NF: “Frank Castle, I know what his name is. What the coverage on this?”

MH: “By now sir? Every new station in the country.”

NF: “It never happened.”

MH: “I’m sorry sir?”

NF: “Miss Hill, it never happened. I don’t care if you have to send teams of men into every newstation and hold the broadcasters at gun point! It NEVER happened. Are we clear?”

MH: “Yes Sir.”

(Fade to Black)

3) We NEED a Nick Fury (or at least a S.H.I.E.L.D.) Movie to make all of this fit. We need to show the darker “black ops” side of Nick Fury. We saw a little taste of that when we see that Fury was hiding the weaponization of some “other worldly” elements from the Avengers. However, for his relationship to work we need to see a Fury that is willing to do whatever he has to to keep the world safe.

4) By the end of the second film we need to see Castle captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.
This allows an opportunity to flesh out the reason Fury blinded the world to Frank’s actions.
That reason of course will be Fury’s desire to utilize Frank’s “talents” when necessary.
Frank of course will refuse.

5) Frank’s distaste for Super Powered individuals must shine through if he is to join a blended universe. Whether this is displayed in actual run ins with other heroes or something as simple as Frank’s dialogue while watching the news… It just HAS to be there!

I know most fans are looking for a Garth Ennis inspired gritty Marvel MAX version of Frank’s story but honestly there is no shortage of great storylines to pull from Frank Castle’s rich history.

After Phase 2 how about we go from the cosmos to the streets Marvel? How about some cinematic love for the likes of Daredevil, Fury, Luke Cage and of course The Punisher!

Well, until next time, Woodinator!
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