SPAWN Creator Todd McFarlane Blames Himself For The New Movie's Screenplay Not Selling

SPAWN Creator Todd McFarlane Blames Himself For The New Movie's Screenplay Not Selling

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane remains hard at work on a new big screen adaptation featuring the character, but he's now blamed himself for the screenplay he's written not selling to film studios...

In 1997, a Spawn movie was released starring Michael Jai White and, well, it wasn't particularly well-received! In fact, it was slated by fans and critics alike, so there's been a lot of excitement surrounding the news that the character's creator, Todd McFarlane, is now planning to bring the anti-hero back to the big screen. 

While he's already managed to attract some big names to the project, McFarlane - who penned the screenplay and plans to direct - seems to be struggling to sell his script to a major studio. 

"I wrote the first draft of the screenplay," McFarlane told Forbes. "If I'd done my job and written a screenplay that mattered, that would have sold it. I'm culpable on that end to start with."

"That's why I went to get Jason Blum to produce, and attached Jamie [Foxx ]and Jeremy [Renner] - to add the quality to it," he added, acknowledging why financiers may have their doubts about working with an inexperienced filmmaker. "My goal is to continue to add those kind of quality people at all levels. The more I can add those people, the less I become relevant as a risk."

As of right now, no plot details or a release date have been revealed for Spawn, and despite some impressive names being attached to the movie, we don't know when - or it - it will happen.

We'll be sure to keep you guys updated, though! 

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