SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Homemade Suit Concept Art Takes Unexpected Inspiration From The '70s TV Series

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Homemade Suit Concept Art Takes Unexpected Inspiration From The '70s TV Series

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Homemade Suit Concept Art Takes Unexpected Inspiration From The '70s TV Series

We also have concept art featuring alternate designs for Iron Man's suit in the movie, a couple of awesome looking Scarlet Spiders, and various takes on the homemade costume which never made it to screen.

After Sony's disastrous Amazing Spider-Man movies, the wall-crawler's arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe led to fans breathing a long overdue sigh of relief. Since then, the hero has taken on a leading role in this shared world with a solo adventure in Spider-Man: Homecoming and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. Simply put, it's a pretty damn spectacular time to be a fan of this character. 

While it remains to be seen what comes next for Peter when he next appears on our screens, we're now taking a look back at his first adventure in the MCU to see how different things could have been. 

Today, we're putting the spotlight on the homemade costume worn by the wall-crawler and as you can see by clicking on either one of the buttons below, Marvel explored a lot of different options for that, including some rooted in both the comic books and on television. We also have alternate takes on Iron Man, many of which provide a very different take on what we're used to from the iconic Avenger.

A True Homemade Effort

This definitely looks like the sort of superhero costume a teenager would put together but the lack of any sort of spider logo arguably makes it look a little too plain. Oh, and do those lenses look familiar? 

1970s Inspiration

They should because they look almost identical to the ones used in both the live-action 1970s TV series and that weird Japanese effort. This would have looked really spectacular on screen, however.


Here, you can see that Marvel toyed around with different shades of blue. Ultimately, it was that lighter version which ended up in the movie but the darker blue look an awful lot closer to the comics.

The Finished Version

As you can see, this is the homemade suit which ended up appearing on screen and while it didn't end up looking too bad, we'll think you'll agree there were better versions which could have been chosen.

The Scarlet Spider


We have no idea whether or not Ben Reilly will ever grace the silver screen but how great would it have been to see Spidey battle The Vulture while suited up as the Scarlet Spider in that final fight? 

A Design That Doesn't Really Work

This may be strikingly similar to what ended up on screen but that belt and those weird looking goggles definitely don't create the best look for the wall-crawler as the latter just look too weird. 

A Nod To The Comic Books

This was one of the early designs for Spider-Man's homemade costume, and as you can see, it uses that lighter blue because the character has occasionally been portrayed as wearing that colour. 

Can you spot the difference here? It's subtle but the belt has been ditched to give the young hero a more casual look which might be more along the lines of what you'd expect a teenager to wear. 

The Armored Avenger And Peter Parker's Mentor

It's become obligatory for Iron Man to receive a new suit each time he appears on screen and Spider-Man: Homecoming was no exception. This red and gold version is definitely visually striking. 


There's a lot more gold on this suit and it instantly reminds me of Iron Man 3 as a result. Perhaps that's why Marvel decided against using it but it would be no bad thing to see this on screen one day.


As you've probably noticed, there's a lot of silver here and even the mask has been painted that colour. That makes this a very different look for Iron Man than what we're used to seeing in the movies.

A mixture of red, silver, and gold, this suit definitely looks pretty formidable but not a drastic depature by any means. Did Marvel never consider faithfully adapting his unique looking Ultimate suit?

Final Iron Man Design


These gorgeous pieces of concept art show the final design for Iron Man's suit in the movie and while it didn't stick around for long, it was a cool look and that Ultimate inspiration was appreciated by fans.

The Still Amazing Spider-Man

Even without a fancy costume, Peter Parker proved that he's still a hero and while he's being upgraded to the Iron Spider suit in Avengers: Infinity War, many fans are hoping for one without any frills.

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