SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING: Spidey Is Unrecognisable In These Comic Accurate Alternate Suit Designs

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING: Spidey Is Unrecognisable In These Comic Accurate Alternate Suit Designs

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING: Spidey Is Unrecognisable In These Comic Accurate Alternate Suit Designs

Some new concept art for Spider-Man: Homecoming has surfaced and it features some spectacular alternate designs for the wall-crawler's suit, including some inspired by the Superior and Big Time story arcs!

After Sony's disastrous Amazing Spider-Man movies, the wall-crawler's arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe led to fans breathing a long overdue sigh of relief. Since then, the hero has taken on a leading role in this shared world with a solo adventure in Spider-Man: Homecoming and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. Simply put, it's a pretty spectacular time to be a fan of this character. 

While it remains to be seen what comes next for Peter when he next appears on our screens, we're now taking a look back at his first adventure in the MCU to see how different things could have been.

This time, we're putting the focus on the suit he was given by Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War before discovering that it had plenty of additional capabilities in his solo outing. Here, you'll find a variety of amazing alternate designs, including many inspired by the comics and others which are totally unique. So, to see the full list all you need to do is click on either of the buttons below.

The Superior Spider-Man

The Superior Spider-Man was divisive among comic book fans but this would have been very cool to see that costume on screen in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The black works really well and seeing as Marvel Studios clearly wanted to differentiate its wall-crawler from what came before, this would have been a smart way to achieve that as would have many of the alternate designs listed below. 


Ben Reilly: Spider-Man


These two designs instantly remind me of Ben Reilly's stint as Spider-Man and seeing as Peter's homemade costume was inspired by the character, it would have been no bad thing for this design to be used. Perhaps Marvel is holding off on it in case they choose to adapt The Clone Saga one day. 

Some Unique Alterations



The changes made here don't appear to be based on any one comic book run but they all go a long way in making Spider-Man look different. The various shades of blue work particularly well with the lightest version arguably closest to some of the wall-crawler's earliest adventures in the source material.

A Different Style Of Logo



The spider emblem on Peter's chest has always been a big talking point and what we see here are radically different to what we're used to. All of these work well and it was a smart move by Marvel's team of concept artists to find a way to incorporate the legs into the overall design of the suit itself. 



These are all pretty cool, right? However, Marvel also faced the difficult task of imagining how the hero's suit would be brought to life when he discovers it has an A.I. The "Big Time" run in the comic books put the wall-crawler in a variety of different outfits and those have clearly inspired these.








Which of these alternate suits is your favourite? Do you think Marvel should have come up with something a little more unique for Spider-Man: Homecoming? Share your thoughts in the usual place.

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