SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Star Michael Mando Says There's "Always A Chance" For Scorpion To Return

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Star Michael Mando Says There's "Always A Chance" For Scorpion To Return

Better Call Saul star Michael Mando made a memorable impact in Spider-Man: Homecoming when he played the villainous Mac Gargan, but could we see him return to the MCU as Scorpion in the near future?

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, we were introduced to Mac Gargan, a character comic book fans know better as The Scorpion. This version of the villain wasn't a P.I. working for J. Jonah Jameson, though, and he was instead looking to buy weapons from Adrian Toomes. 

The wall-crawler's attempt to stop that deal saw Gargan get hit by a car and thrown off the side of a ferry, but we later caught up with him behind bars. There, he suggested that The Vulture should tell him Spider-Man's secret identity, and that's how things were left. We've seen nothing of the villain since then, but actor Michael Mando definitely sounds like he's open to returning to the MCU. 
"There is a chance," the actor laughed when asked if fans will ever see Scorpion make his return to this shared world. "There's always a chance." That post-credits scene was clearly meant to set the stage for something, and there have been rumours that he could appear alongside Toomes in Sony Pictures' upcoming Morbius movie. 

The scene featuring Toomes and Gargan never really felt like a Marvel Studios tease, and is quite possibly something that Sony wanted in there to lay the groundwork for that Sinister Six project they've been planning since the early 2010s. Either way, given Mando's impressive work in Better Call Saul, it would be no bad thing to see him suit up to battle Spider-Man!

Do you think there's "a chance" we'll see Scorpion return in the next Spider-Man movie? 

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