What "MJ" Could Possibly Mean For Michelle in Spider-Man: Homecoming (SPOILERS)

What "MJ" Could Possibly Mean For Michelle in Spider-Man: Homecoming <FONT COLOR="DC143C">(SPOILERS)</FONT>

This was obviously the most left-field reveal that came from the Marvel Studio/Sony-collaborated movie. But is there more to Michelle's "MJ" nickname that we have yet to find out?

"My friends call me MJ"


Mild SPOILERS incoming:

The one buzzword that majority of fans have been going nuts over ever since Zenbaea's- err, Zendaya's character Michelle said it near the end of "Spider-Man: Homecoming". As you all know MJ is the initials for the iconic Mary Jane from the comics. You know, the hot red-haired lover of Peter Parker? Yeah, THAT MJ.

But THIS MJ, known as Michelle, almost shares nothing in common with Mary Jane! From the first name, to her mannerisms around Peter, to the fact that she's a brunette. We all heard rumors before that there was a slight possibility that Michelle may reveal herself as Mary Jane by saying that "Michelle" was just a cover name, but now she just might be a person who should be someone else & is only  the character in name-only. (The movie already has enough of that)

So why would Marvel & Sony give Michelle the MJ moniker? Simple: Because she's likely not Mary Jane.

Trust me, I was as ticked as you all were when this reveal came, but recently I started to think about the possibilities of this twist. Notice how we haven't heard Michelle's last name, the "J" initial could mean anything. Who else can you think of in Spider-Man's life that has a last name that starts with "J" that Michelle could likely be related to?


Now this could be a hilarious & pretty neat revelation that future movies could pick up on, & it would allow room for Marvel to give us the real MJ that we deserve. (R.I.P. to red-headed Zendaya as Mary Jane, tho...)

But hey, that's just a theory. A CBM THEORY! Thanks for reading! (I know, that was cringe)

Now they need to get on Ice Cube as J. Jonah Jameson...


Do you guys think that Michelle Jameson could be a possibility? Let me know down below. Oh, & I might as well throw in a mini-review of Spider-Man: Homecoming while I'm at it, because why not?

It was freaking amazing! I said this about 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man but this movie just gets the Peter/Spidey dynamic downpacked, better than Marc Webb or Sam Raimi ever did! It's a breath of fresh air from the previous installments & the main villain, Vulture (played by Michael Keaton), is nothing short of menacing, but at the same time still human. Iron Man never takes up too much screentime like the trolls predicted, & just seeing Peter struggle as a kid made this the most grounded & faithful take on the webslinger yet. It's great to finally see Spidey in the Avenger's world, & now I see why it's called "Homecoming"!

I give it a 9.5/10!


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