Jaimie Alexander Talks In Detail About Her Injury On The Set Of THOR: THE DARK WORLD

Jaimie Alexander Talks In Detail About Her Injury On The Set Of THOR: THE DARK WORLD

A while back it was reported that Jaimie Alexander had a pretty nasty injury on the set of Thor: The Dark World. During a recent interview she talked about the extent of the injury and reiterated Alan Taylor's dark tone for the film.

MTV recently caught up with Jaimie Alexander while she was doing press rounds for The Last Stand. During the interview she talked about, for the first time, her horrific injury she sustained on the set of Thor: The Dark World, revealing that she is just now getting back close to normal. You can check out the chat in the video below where she also talks, again, about the darker tone that Alan Taylor is setting for Thor's second solo outing.

On Her Injury:

"I injured my self pretty bad. I actually haven't talked about this on camera yet. I herniated a disk in my Thoracic spine, dislocated my left shoulder, tore my right Rhomboid, and chipped eleven vertebra. I slipped and fell down something very high, I hurt my self pretty badly and it scared me. I knew when I couldn't get off the ground I was in big trouble. Then, I was okay, but in a lot of pain. The next morning I got in a car to go to the hospital, and I sat in the car and compressed my spine a little bit, and went paralyzed in my right leg and my right hand. So I was in the hospital for a week. But, it was a thing where it was just a swelling thing. Once the swelling went down I was good to go. I did physical rehab for a month, then went back and did some more fight sequences."

On The Movie:

It's a different vibe and a different tone. I think it's a bit darker. We explore more of the viking aspect of things. We explore a few different realms. You learn more about what life is like in Asgard. People just looking awesome, tall, kicking butt, stabbing a few people."

We all knew she had taken a pretty nasty spill, but I don't think that anyone knew exactly how bad it was until she talked about it. However, it is good to know that she is doing better. You can see Alexander kicking butt as Sif when Thor: The Dark World opens on November 8th.

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