MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT Star Simon Pegg Explains Why He Doesn't Mind Missing Out On THE BOYS - EXCLUSIVE

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT Star Simon Pegg Explains Why He Doesn't Mind Missing Out On THE BOYS - <font color=red>EXCLUSIVE</font>

The comic book version of Wee Hughie was based on a young Simon Pegg and the actor has now told us why he didn't mind not being cast as the live-action version of the character in the Amazon adaptation...

Various adaptations of The Boys have been in the works for years now and one name that always comes up in relation to the property is Simon Pegg. That's because Wee Hughie's appearance in the comic books was based on him and while the British actor has said on a number of occasions that he's too old for the role, he doesn't look anywhere near 48 and most fans were massively disappointed when the still extremely talented Jack Quaid was cast as the beloved character by Amazon in March. 

Unlike previous takes, this version of The Boys is actually happening and is being developed by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke alongside Preacher's Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. When I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Pegg to discuss Mission: Impossible - Fallout, I asked him if he was disappointed about missing out on the role and he really doesn't seem to mind too much!

"No, because I was never up for it. I mean, I played Hughie in the comics [as] Darick Robertson drew me as Hughie but [he's] in his early twenties so I was never going to play Hughie [Laughs]. I was never eligible to play Hughie. I'm really happy that Jack Quaid got the role because I think Jack's a brilliant actor and I can't wait to see what they do with the adaptation of it. I never expected to get the call to play Hughie just because I'm not right for the part. It's a fantastic book and Karl Urban is going to be great as Butcher so it's exciting to get to sit back and watch it. I'm very honoured I was immortalised as a comic book character as well. I never asked to be but Darick just did it for shits and giggles and I was kind of super chuffed!"

Pegg taking on the role of Wee Hughie would have been awesome but you can see why his age might have posed a problem for both him and those working on the series. Plus, as cool as it would have been seeing the actor play his comic book lookalike, it's sadly one of those situations which didn't pan out for a number of reasons. It is nice knowing that Pegg is still excited to see the character finally brought to life, though, and it will obviously be interesting seeing what Quaid does with Hughie. 

We'll bring you our full video interview with Pegg about Mission: Impossible - Fallout early next week but be sure to let us know what you think about his thoughts in the comments section down below. 
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