DOOM PATROL Pilot Episode Spoilers Reveal The Show's Tone And Claim It's Better Than TITANS

DOOM PATROL Pilot Episode Spoilers Reveal The Show's Tone And Claim It's Better Than TITANS

DOOM PATROL Pilot Episode <font color=red>Spoilers</font> Reveal The Show's Tone And Claim It's Better Than TITANS

A review of the pilot episode of Doom Patrol has surfaced and it sheds some light on the comedic direction of the series, how it compares to Titans, and whether or not Cyborg makes an appearance.

While the review embargo for Titans hasn't lifted yet, early word on the show appears to be mixed and a lot of that negativity seemingly comes as a result of that first trailer and Robin's "F**k Batman!" line. There is, of course, a chance that the show could surprise us but early word on spinoff series Doom Patrol is in and it definitely sounds like this is one show DC Universe will have definitely got right. 

The streaming service is developing shows based on a number of DC Comics characters, including Swamp-Thing and Stargirl. Doom Patrol is a favourite of Geoff Johns', though, so chances are he's kept a close eye on how it's come together. Regardless, this review of sorts from Splash Report regarding the first episode definitely points to it handling these heroes in a way which comic fans will appreciate. 

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How The Episode Begins

It's said that Doom Patrol opens in Panama in 1948 as we're introduced to an ex-Nazi scientist called Von Fuchs. He's making a machine that "disembodies a man's face" but perhaps the biggest takeaway is the fact that this otherwise very dark scene embraces humour in a big way and reportedly doesn't shy away from an adult tone while also poking fun at the ridiculousness of that particular situation.

From there, it jumps ahead to the 1080s where we're introduced to a young Cliff Steele and that sheds some light on what his life was like before the "accident" which transformed him into Robot Man. It's said that he's a racer and a "high octane, daredevil type" and that later comes back to bite him. 

Doom Manor

Once again jumping forward in time, the show takes us to Doom Manor and introduces Dr. Niles Caulder, a.k.a. The Chief. He has an unhealthy obsession with superheroes. At this point, the show introduces Elasti-Girl, an actress from the 1950s, and Negative Man. Both of their origin stories are revealed as she literally breaks down on the set of a movie and we get to see the plane crash which resulted in him becoming disfigured. Jumping through the timeline like this sounds confusing, right?

Well, this report claims that "Throughout this whole time jumping affair, the characters are given plenty of depth and interact a lot with each other. There’s minimal action in this episode, and it works wonders. We take the time to soak up these characters and study them inside and out." 

The Show's Best Character

Surprisingly, Crazy Jane is singled out as probably the best character in the show and she has a total of sixty-four personas, one of whom is called "Hammerhead" and will beat you up just for looking at her the wrong way. It definitely sounds like Diane Guerrero will be a highlight in terms of her performance too and a comparison is made to James McAvoy's impressive work in Unbreakable spinoff Split.

Unexpected Twists But No Sign Of Cyborg

According to the site, "Certain characters may end up being characters you never thought they were. Certain events may have played out in ways you didn’t realize. And maybe, just maybe, a giant, hulking blob will roll down a small town street, gobbling up everything in its path." Sounds pretty weird, right? Regardless, the site confirms that Jovian Wade's Cyborg isn't present in the pilot episode.

That's a shame but there's a very good chance that character won't actually be a focal point here.

It's Dark. Like, Titans Dark

Apparently, Doom Patrol handles swearing, sex, and other dark themes with a lot more maturity than Titans and it's nowhere near as "edgy" as that series. The jokes work a lot better as do the themes which come with a story about characters who are all misfits. It's also said that the show finds the perfect balance between the tone of the X-Men comics and Marvel's adult-orientated Netflix shows.

Do these new details have you more or less excited about Doom Patrol? Share your thoughts below. 

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