KRYPTON: First Look At Superman Villain Brainiac Is Shockingly Close To The Comic Books

KRYPTON: First Look At Superman Villain Brainiac Is Shockingly Close To The Comic Books

Brainiac is a character we've seen on the small screen a few times in the past but he's never looked this good! Hit the jump for a first look at Blake Ritson suited up as the villain and for new details.

Various versions of Brainiac have been brought to television over the years but the next version is going to be played by British actor Blake Ritson in Syfy's Krypton. As you can see below, this take on the character bears a striking resemblance to his comic book counterpart and when time-traveller Adam Strange arrives on Krypton in the past, he'll have a dire warning about the "Collector of Worlds."

However, because this period of history has never really been covered in the source material, the actor explains that the show provides the teaming working on it with, "something of a blank canvas that has allowed a lot of freedom for the writers to world-build. This is a major expansion of the Superman universe and mythology and the civilization that fostered the greatest hero that ever lived."

"He traverses the universe in a gigantic skull ship, ripping cities out of planets, miniaturizing them and placing them on board. But he does so in the spirit of conservation," Ritson adds. "In his mind, he's committed to the ultimate philanthropic act: saving all of creation. In many ways it's analogous to Noah plucking out two of every animal to ensure their survival, even while knowing that others must perish." That too sounds just like the comic books and it now sounds like he's the show's big bad!

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