New Promo For SyFy's KRYPTON Turns Back The Clock To A Time Of Forgotten Heroes

New Promo For SyFy's KRYPTON Turns Back The Clock To A Time Of Forgotten Heroes

After the positive reception the leaked trailer for SyFy's Krypton received, it appears as though the network might be moving forward with the series, as they have released an inspiring first promo!

"It's our good fortune one of our own survived... that you might know of us, and wonder."

The trailer for SyFy and David Goyer's (The Dark Knight, Man of Steel) new series, Krypton, leaked online a few days ago, featuring our first look at Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, Kal-El/Superman's grandfather, at a time when the Man of Steel's home world was consumed by war.

SyFy has made no official announcement as to whether or not the series has been picked up, but it appears that the network might have reached a decision after the positive reaction the leaked trailer received. The network has already gone ahead to create the official Instagram account for the series, and it features the first official promo.

The promo doesn't showcase much footage from the show, but it does contain easter eggs and hints all throughout the meteoric debris that was once Krypton. Coupled with a narration from Ian McElhinney (
Game of Thrones) as Val-El, Seg-El's father, and some triumphant music, the first official promo for SyFy's Krypton hints at a potentially great show that is prepared to go the distance.


Where heroes are forged. Watch #Krypton on #Syfy in 2017.

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